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RMN Bowl Contest - Another Painful Night

The results were not all bad...just mostly bad.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The good news is that we have played just less than a third of all the bowl games.  There is still plenty of time.  The bad news is, we got smacked around last night and now sit at under 47.5% for the year and over 200 picks under .500 all-time.  Minnesota's pick really hurt us, as almost 84% of us had that one wrong.

The good news continues with four games today, though the group was pretty split on a number of choices.

  • Notre Dame (-17) and the Over (51)
  • UNC (-2) and the Over (54)
  • Louisville (-3.5 - most popular pick today) and the Over (56.5)
  • k-State (-3.5) and the Under (57.5)
Some additional bad news for most is that we are starting to see some early and somewhat pronounced separation at the top.  Chessed moved out to a 17-5 record overall, and is joined by HNTR.  After that, you have to drop back three whole games to find the group at 14-8, though one of those entries is called Dawg/Under.  That entry was simply every underdog and every under.  At 14-8, you can see how this bowl season has trended thus far (and why all the Over picks above are a bit disconcerting).  At the bottom, ColumbianKramer continues to set the dumpster on fire, sitting now at 3-19, two games clear of octiger10.

Lots of football today to tide you over until our Tigers take to the hardwood against the Wolfpack.  If you want to see just how badly we are doing as a group, feel free to PERUSE THE SPREADSHEET.