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RMN Bowl Contest - Headed in the Right Direction

Coming up on the best three days of bowl season as we inch back to .500

It blows my mind that I saw this kid's father play when I was an undergrad
It blows my mind that I saw this kid's father play when I was an undergrad
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A big, quadruple-header on Saturday gives way to a full day off today so the NFL can sort out their playoff scenarios.  But come Monday, you are looking at 14 bowl games over a three-day period and once that is done, there will only be six games left on the season.  With 15 of 35 games down, people are not out of the running quite yet, as I recall people going on big runs and coming out of nowhere before.

So where do we stand?  Not a new name at the top, but one that has not been mentioned too much of late, as mizzoulaw06 went 7-1 on the day (only missing ND covering that enormous spread) to take a one game lead at the top with a 21-9 record.  At 20-10, there is a pretty sizable group of folks with a couple of names that have been around all competition in Chessed and HNTR, but also a number of new names in AlmostAdament, bktravis82, TiK, swoefel and TommySaundersHair. At the other end of rainbow, ColumbianKramer still has a one-game lead at 8-22, over MUScott, LongSnapper4Heisman and GreenChileMizzou at 9-21.

Overall, we are still in the red for the season, buy we did make some gains yesterday thanks to Louisville and k-State.  Now, we are just 110 games under .500 at 49.21%.  Even closer to the green is the all-time record, as we are just 51 games away from changing that color back.  Monday's slate of games gives us a chance to get back to the good in a BIG way

  • Navy (-6.5) vs. MTSU (O/U-60) - 82.3% taking Navy/77.1% taking the Under
  • Ole Miss (-1.5) vs. Gate Tech (O/U-56) - 81.5% taking Ole Miss/58.6% taking the Over
  • Oregon (-13) vs. Texas (O/U-69) - 82.8% taking Oregon/53.4% taking the Over
  • Arizona State (-13) vs. Texas Tech (O/U-71.5) - 73.7% taking Arizona State/63.8% taking the Under

Enjoy your (Pro) football Sunday!  Here is the LINK!