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RMN Bowl Contest - Quite the Surge

We almost swept through the popular picks yesterday and now sit pretty. How will today screw that all up?

Those helmets are just fantastic
Those helmets are just fantastic
Sarah Glenn

Yesterday was as strong of a day as we have had in this bowl contest in my memory.  We had a number of very strong picks come through, and because they did, our winning percentage for the year now stands above 52% (52.04), a whopping 360 picks to the good.  All-time, we are inching closer and closer away from the betting Mendoza line, as we are now at 50.46%, 419 picks up on .500.  We have another make-or-break type of day in front of us, with another four bowl games and some very popular picks to boot.

  • Arizona (-6.5) vs. BC (O/U-57.5) - 81.5% taking Arizona/53% taking the Under
  • UCLA (-7) vs. Virginia Tech (O/U-50) - 75.4% taking UCLA/56% taking the Over
  • Miss. State (-7) vs. Rice (O/U-51.5) - 68.5% taking Miss. State/52.2% taking the Under
  • Texas A&M (-11) vs. Duke (O/U-67) - 87.5% taking Texas A&M/69% taking the Over
All I can say is c'mon Aggies.  That is quite a lot of wins riding on one game

Moving to the leaderboard, there was a bit of shuffling as the day went, but once Texas Tech finished their whipping of Arizona State, we now have a tie at the top.  Both at 27-11, AlmostAdamant and HNTR made a strong move to take a one game lead on the pair of swoelfel and TommySaundersHair.  Just behind them is a decent-sized group at 25-13.

At the other end, things have begun to tighten up even more as Columbiankramer looks to escape the cellar. There is now a tie at the bottom with mizzousundevil, with both sitting at 12-26.  Two games ahead of them is a small group at 14-24 featuring tigersteel, GreenChileMizzou, MUScott and a set of picks I put together which were simply all the underdogs and all the overs.  Tells you a little bit about how this bowl season has gone.

With the holiday and some other things going on, I will do my best to keep the competition up to date through the next couple of days.  I hope everyone has a safe New Years and an amazing 2014.  Check out the progress HERE and Happy New Year!