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Missouri 28, Texas A&M 21: Grading the offense

Your offensive MVPs: Henry Josey (8.51), L'Damian Washington (8.25), Dorial Green-Beckham (8.09), Evan Boehm (7.92), and Justin Britt (7.72).

Bill Carter

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 7.22 (season average: 7.24)



A bit iffy much of the game, but a bump for the playaction pass to seal the deal

Adapted well at half

Boy did I hear A LOT of people complaining about not running the ball, it's almost like Mizzou purposefully balances it's offense?

Didn't have much problem with the play calling but it was one of our weakest offensive showings yet. Sluggish first half, then finally got going in the second. Solid 7.

Didn't like the short throws on 3rd and long

Flat Start, but really made great adjustments to attack the A&

Good game plan but those three and outs hurt could not tell if it was execution or poor play calling at times

Got it done. The Water's PA pass to basically clinch it was genius.

Great Adjustment to A&M Cover 2 in 2nd half

Great calls on the last two drives!

Great game, Josh!

Had better games, but that throwback to Waters was brilliant. -Mac6

Honestly there were some play calls I didn't like. However, when it comes down to it the PA bootleg pass to Eric for the first down proved why this was still a great game. Oh and as one writer put it Yost is similing somewhere with the 5 WR QB runs that worked this game.

I can't seem to find the 11 button.

Keep up the damn good work. One of the major reasons for our success this year. A complete turnaround starts with the coaching

play calling looked more like "Yost" - can't be conservative and win SEC this weekend

Play calling was okay, but lots of room for improvement.

Play calling weak

Seems to not take enoguh advantage of our huge WR's

Take more shots downfield. Too conservative in my book.


Tentative to start, then got rolling. Can't come out slow this week. Felt like, at the time, JTF was starting to get some momentum when Maty was brought in, kinda felt like a restart when Franklin came back in. dlh

The roll out pass to Waters to ice the game was marvelous

Thought we would score more, but not bad.

way to many 1-yard screens when we had 1-on-1 coverage outside

What no Jet Sweeps ??? LOL


James Franklin: 7.63 (season average: 7.66)
Maty Mauk: 5.74 (6.18)

A 9 for James because senior night and being such a gentleman taking pictures with all fans that asked. Class act.

A couple of passes overthrown and had trouble escaping pressure early on.

A little bit more accuracy, and this game wouldn't have been so close.

Did well under pressure staying in pocket and running from when needed.

Frank kept composure all night- A&M rushed 5-6 nearly every down... great composure.

Franklin controlled the game very good final outing from the senior not gaudy but good

Franklin missed a couple of throws but was overall efficient both passing and running, and the TD to DGB was a perfect throw

Franklin was great, a few throws were off/or reads but other than that.

I don't like lots of runs with the QB, but i guess as long as it's working...

I think Franklin has a bright future somewhere in the NFL

I think James played great, but looked a bit tight. I think he'll play looser next week.

Is there such a thing as "dynamic game manager"? If there is I'd call Franklin that.

Jimmie had a great game.

Missed a few throws, solid performance all-in-all.

Not Franklin's best game because of a few overthrows, but if you look at his stat line, it'd be hard to argue against it. I did see a lot of people complain he's NOT CLUTCH

not sure if it is Franklin or play calls but have go back to slants and some longer throws - use the skills of the wideouts

Once the offense got its groove it pretty much looked unstoppable as normal. Couldn't be more happy for James. I think Maty's series was just horribly timed honestly.

Overall solid effort, but first qtr brings score down. Need a full 60 this week, fellas. dlh

Tanklin was the reason the offense finally got on track. Mauk did nothing in his appearance. -Mac6

Running Back

Henry Josey: 8.51 (season average: 7.37)
Russell Hansbrough: 7.43 (6.96)
Marcus Murphy: 7.40 (6.87)

Again, I can't seem to find the 11 button for Josey.

Best PR of the year for Murphy, what more can you say about Henry Josey just a stud


Galloping Josey!

Henry F&%$ing Josey

Henry Josey might be my favorite Mizzou player ever. The adversity this kid has fought through and the success he has reaped is a feel-good story anyone can appreciate

Henry Josey, what can I say? You are the truth


I am a firm believer of Marcus covering that ball he thought might have touched Randy. All the RB's looked good. Oh yea and... HENRY F'ING JOSEY!!!!

I am starting to doubt that Henry Josey is a human being.

JOSEY!!! And besides Marcus still being iffy on returns they were good.

Josey. <3

Josey's TD was the most exciting play of the night. We all went crazy. -Mac6

Joseys last run was special but before that the trio had some troubles getting it going, tough to complain about 225 yards on the ground

murphy is very productive when he runs the ball

Pinkel says Josey is sacred. I agree.

Plenty of burst from the Outlaw. Really good job by Murph, good job by Hansbrough. dlh

Pretty even effort overall but Josey, as per usual, (rightfully) stole the show.

Seems like aTm was out to stop Josey. Yet Henson kept pounding him and it paid off.

Was that Murph's longest return of the year? Josey, wow. He's fast.

We have an embarassment of riches with these three.

Wide Receiver

L'Damian Washington: 8.25 (season average: 7.33)
Dorial Green-Beckham: 8.09 (7.01)
Marcus Lucas: 6.51 (6.91)
Bud Sasser: 6.48 (6.33)
Jimmie Hunt: 6.33 (6.20)

DGB andL'Wash made some difficult catches.

DGB was great, but man we are going to miss L'Damian Washington great game

DGBreakout game? LDWin?

Don't let that hater Michael Evans tweet that crap at you, L'Damian. You're twice the player, and twice the man he is.

Fight to get open!

Great work, as always. They do their part

Hell of a catch LDW

L'damian had some passion on that TD. I like that.

LDW and DGB both with big plays.

LDW and DGB were great.

LDW just got stuff done. DGB did well too.

Lucas had the TD throw he got turned around on, no other complaints.

Lucas is MIA recently. -Mac6

Mike Evans has nothing on L'Damian Washington.

Not a bad game by this group really. A&M might have limited the stuff in the middle of the field but the outside recievers had quite a bit of success.

Outdid that Allen dude, whoever he thinks he is. LSW, DGB, really nice games. Solid effort by all. dlh

Speaking of being spoiled... these guys are good.

Wash-ing-ton. Washing-ing-ton. Six foot twenty weight a f***ing ton.

Washington and DGB had solid games, the rest were ehh, cant wait to see them in atlanta

Washington's catch at 5 and end zone were terrific

Tight End

Eric Waters: 7.63 (season average: 6.06)
Sean Culkin: 6.21 (5.63)

blocked well and great YAC

Didn't see hear these guys called much, which is probably a good thing

ERIC WATERS !!!! What a great catch to finish the game.



Good blocking, Waters with the huge first down catch in 4th.

Good game.

Great catch, Eric. Mammoth, some might say.

HUGE play Waters!

I'm sorry. If you grab the game-sealing "spider 3 Y banana" from the pistol after blocking well all game you get a 9. Them's the rules.

Its ok guys the TE are just going to block the rest of the game, OMG AHHHHHHHHHH, seal the game with a TE pass AHHHHHHHH Henson is amazing, but good job

Loved the last play to Eric Waters

Outstanding blocking again. And some catches to go with it. dlh

So the plan this season was to get teams to forget that TEs are eligible to catch just for that game-sealing play? -Mac6

THE catch...

The secret weapon was unleashed at the perfect time.

They did catch a pass!

Waters great blocking plus that blocking set up the catch that put away the game

Offensive Line

Evan Boehm (C): 7.92 (season average: 7.63)
Justin Britt (LT): 7.72 (7.31)
Mitch Morse (RT): 7.67 (7.28)
Max Copeland (LG): 7.66 (7.18)
Connor McGovern (RG): 7.54 (7.23)

9s the lot. Frank had time to throw, or space to run. All the RBs had space. Amazing job.

Christmas Thursday on a Wednesday may have affected their game.

Franklin had some pressure but 500 yards could have been 650 with right play calling

I love Christmas Thursdays!

I love these guys. Nuff said

I thought they would dominate more, but good work. Nice hole for Josey in the 4th.

Keep working guys!

Looked surprised that A&M's defense came to play in the first, really locked it down in the second. Love them #ChristmasThursday boys.

Max with a false start, don't remember too many holding calls, if any, McGovern with the shout out from the announcers on one of the TDs. Again, this unit is doing it. Best unit this game. dlh

Much better in the 2nd half, but the offense struggled because the line was getting beat, and beat badly at times. -Mac6

Not as dominant of a performance as they have had ealier, but good enough.

Not as solid a game as some have been for the O Line, but they certainly did enough for us to win. Obviously.

Solid, not great, not bad, solid

These guys should start a band together. Favorite group of O-Lineman ever. They bring the intensity and they are total goofs off the field.

Tons of pressure all night... rushing 5-6 regularly. OL did a good job protecting the QB for all that pressure.

Unit as a whole looked a little off Saturday.

While Mizzou's OL didn't do as good a job "holding" Texas A&M as I might have predicted, they are a phenomenal group playing inspired football