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Rock M Roundtable - SEC Championship Edition

Y'all ready to roundtable?

Jamie Squire

1. Gary Pinkel tied Don Faurot's win record on Saturday versus A&M. In 1972, Memorial Stadium's playing surface was named Faurot Field in honor of longtime coach Don Faurot who ended his coaching career in 1956 but remained Athletic Director until 1967. So five years after retirement, the field at Memorial Stadium was named after him. When Pinkel passes his win record and eventually retires, what is getting named (or re-named) "The Pinkel . . . ."?

2. Who is your Tiger 2013 football MVP?

3. Henry Josey's comeback story - greatest comeback story ever in Mizzou history? In the country? The world?

4. Tell us about a wacky Holiday tradition in your family/life/work.