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Super Bowl Prop Bet Contest

It's almost time for the big game. A combination of the greatest and saddest day of the year for football games. Food will be eaten. Drinking and good times. Let's add to the fun! The winner gets two prizes: A cheesecake by Bill Self's Toupee & a Stubble Drive t-shirt.

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Coin Flip Heads

Win Coin Flip Ravens

Ravens Score on 1st Possession Yes

Niners score on 1st Possession No

Will the game be tied after 0-0

How Many Rushing Yards will the Niners Accrue

In Which Half Will Joe Flacco Have the Most Yards

Which team will score first Ravens


Special teams or Defensive Touchdown

How long will Colin Kapernicks's first run be Over 5.5

Which team will have the most penalty yards?

Will a Roughing the Passer penalty be called in the game?

The First 1st Down in the Game will happen on a Pass or Run Play? Run

Will there be a scoreless quarter

First Turnover of the Game Fumble

Total Points 10