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Mizzou Links, 2-15-13

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Diamond sports start today, and tomorrow in Fayetteville is going to be very weird.

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So I managed to go this entire week without kickstarting our annual "Ask trripleplay about how the Mizzou Baseball season is going to go" Q&A to release today. I'm awesome. That said, of course, you don't need him to tell you how it's going to go here -- at his place, he's already written an absurd number of posts in the last nine months talking about the SEC (past, present and future), Mizzou's own history, the 2013 Missouri baseball team, and everything else pertaining to Tim Jamieson and the baseball diamond. He had an incredible offseason, and you should definitely go over and check out his work even if I flaked out in asking him to do a Q&A.

  • Baseball Begins Today MIZZOU MATCHUP: #23 University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles

    Projected Matchups

    Friday: Rob Zastrynzny (5-5, 3.80 ERA) vs. Andrew Pierce (7-4, 1.99 ERA)
    Saturday: Brett Graves (4-5, 6.32 ERA) vs. Jake Drehoff (6-2, 3.51 ERA)
    Sunday: Jace James (4-0, 1.58 ERA)* vs. Mason Robbins (1-0, 4.01)

    * - stats from 2012 season at Hutchinson Community College

    Matchup Wrap-up

    The Tigers will have to be aggressive while facing Pierce. He averages only 1.45 walks per 9 innings. Manufacturing and scrapping for runs will be the only way to beat him, as he only gave up 2 home runs in 99.1 innings in 2012. Drehoff and Robbins average over twice the amount of walks as Pierce, so more patience will be needed in the last two games. The only time the Tigers may be bailed out by a home run is against Robbins, who gave up 4 in 33.2 innings last year. They must hold a lead going into the ninth inning, as Bradley Roney was near perfect in save opportunities in his freshman campaign.

    The Trib: Series is a go despite tornado
    PowerMizzou: Tiger baseball steps into the SEC
    The Maneater: Missouri baseball enters first SEC season with stacked pitching rotation HI NOTES: Eagles and Tigers and Tweets, Oh My
  • Softball Begins Today Mizzou Softball Season Preview
    The Trib: Freshman Crane slotted to lead off in opening game
    Mizzou Network (YouTube): Mizzou Softball 2013 Season Preview

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • This Is Going To Be Weird
    Post-Dispatch: Full circle: Anderson and Tigers will meet in "family affair"
    KBIA Sports: Mizzou set to face former coach Mike Anderson
  • Earnest
    The Maneater: Mother's visit comes at opportune time for Ross
  • Mizzou Still >>>>> MSU
    Mizzou Network (YouTube): Mizzou vs Mississippi State Highlights

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