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Missouri 91, Auburn 77: I got whistled for three fouls writing this

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Consider this your rest-of-day live thread. And a celebration thread, too!


Generally speaking, Missouri won a game in just about the most encouraging way possible: the Tigers shot 55% from the field, made 76% of their free throws, outrebounded Auburn, dominated the ball control battle (BCI: Mizzou 2.27, Auburn 1.17) and cruised to a 91-77 win, one that saw a 20+ point margin for much of the second half. Keion Bell made his best "Y'all would have beaten LSU if I hadn't gotten hurt" case, posting 24 points, five boards, three steals and two assists, while Earnest Ross torched his former teammates for 22 points on 8-for-12 shooting. Of course, the flow of the game was disrupted by whistles. Auburn and Missouri combined for 49 fouls and 69 free throws; if you missed playing Kansas State this year, well ... between Frank Martin and this game, you should have gotten your fill.