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Super Bowl Sunday live thread

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Ezra Shaw

For two-thirds of his Missouri career, Justin Smith was a great player on a pretty awful team. He was an absolute beast -- his nickname was Godzilla, after all -- but he didn't get to experience a tremendous number of actual wins. And it was more of the same story for a while with the Bengals in the NFL.

Aldon Smith was a product of a different Missouri, one that won 18 games in his two seasons, won 50 in a five-year span, and will soon have produced six first-round draft picks in five drafts. Thanks in part to the blockers Justin Smith commands, he has wrecked shop for most of his two seasons in the league (while being involved in some interesting off-the-field incidents).

Both of these Tiger greats are potentially 60 minutes from a Super Bowl title. Can they get the job done against a Ravens team that has defied odds and looked fantastic for most of the playoffs? Let's find out.