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Eric Beisel to Missouri: Throwback linebacker combines work ethic with elite size

Name Eric Beisel
Position LB
Height, Weight 6'4, 235
City (School) Fenton, MO (Rockwood Summit)
Rating (Rivals) *** (5.6), No. 45 ILB
Rating (ESPN) *** (Grade: 82), No. 15 ILB
Twitter Handle @ericzeusbeisel
Other Offers of Note Arizona State, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska
2013 Depth Chart Mizzou has a lot of candidates for action at linebacker in 2013 but few guarantees. Beisel could pretty quickly carve out a spot on the second team with a good August. At his size, however, one has no choice but to watch and see if the staff decides to put more size on him and move him to DE.
2014 Depth Chart If he stays at linebacker, then time will open up in 2014, after both Andrew Wilson and Donovan Bonner graduate.

"They call him a throwback," Cathy Beisel said. "He's been compared to some of the older, bigger, physical linebackers. I think that's why Illinois was so interested. They kept talking about Butkus U."

His nickname is a throwback to an even older time, and might come off as a loaded moniker. How do you live up to the greatest Greek god of them all?

There's no going back on "Zeus" for Beisel, however. Too many people have claimed they started the nickname.

"I think it might have started in JV baseball," Eric Beisel said. "I hit with a lot of power and my head coach claims that he started calling me "Zeus" my freshman year. It kind of carried over, and when I started to shine on the football field, whenever I made a big hit, I could hear the echo of "Zeus" in the stands."

The stands will certainly get larger for Beisel, and he's been aware of that since offers started rolling in last fall. As a freshman, he weighed 175 pounds. According to his father, Eric realized at that time he would have to gain weight and put in work in the weight room to get college attention. Now, he weighs nearly 240 pounds, and looks like a defensive end playing middle linebacker. […]

Missouri is the next step, but it isn't the last one for Beisel. Cathy Beisel's "goal-oriented" youngest son is planning a long football career.

"When he says he's going to be in the NFL, he's serious," Cathy Beisel said.

Beisel is a tough, knock 'em back linebacker with the range and underneath coverage skills needed to make big plays. He has the size and athleticism for the inside linebacker position at the major level of competition and his frame should be able to support additional bulk over time, provided his flexibility and athleticism are not compromised. He is a tough wrap tackler and a punishing finisher who doesn't allow leaky yardage after contact. He puts ball carriers on the ground with impact. He should be able to handle a variety of assignments as a special teams player. Although we see some hip tightness when playing in space, his instincts and nose for the football get him in position to make plays.