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Mizzou Links, 2-6-13

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National Signing Day is here. Buckle up.

Bill Carter

National Signing Day Links

So here's where we stand heading into National Signing Day...

  1. Donovahn Jones decommitted from Missouri yesterday and headed to Minnesota for a shot at QB. He wasn't going to get that here -- he was by all accounts going to end up a receiver here, and even if they let him start at QB, Missouri has five other intriguing names at that position, four of whom will have eligibility left after 2013 -- so power to him. I hate that he waited this late in the process, however; he visited Minnesota two months ago. Decommitting now means Mizzou coaches have to scramble to try to replace him.

  2. In an effort to replace Jones, it appears the staff has extended an offer to Corey Winfield, WR from Riverview Gardens in St. Louis. He is the No. 20 player in the state of Missouri (according to Rivals) and a recent Syracuse commit. He will supposedly announce his decision at 9am today. Can't blame him if he sticks with the 'Cuse at this late a date.

  3. Mizzou did, however, apparently secure a commitment from junior college safety Duron Singleton, as expected. So Mizzou is once again stuck on 19 commits.

  4. Tight end Travis Johnson did not commit last night -- he is now expected to announce his decision early this morning at school. That decision is still expected to be USF.

  5. Ezekiel Elliott will be announcing his decision at a ceremony at 4pm, which means he'll actually pre-empt Mizzou's planned 4pm recruiting press conference. That'll be pretty awesome if, you know, he chooses Missouri. Less so if he doesn't.

    Buckle up, in other words. And expect about 20 posts from me today.


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National Signing Day is fast approaching, and Dan Rubenstein has your news and notes on who's already signed, what holes coaches need to fill, and what fans can expect when the deadline strikes for high-school athletes to formally sign their letters of intent. In this edition, Rubenstein is talking all things SEC.