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Signing Day afternoon live thread

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Some discussion topics for you as we enter the afternoon hours of National Signing Day:

1. Read this (free) PowerMizzou article on surprise signee Charles Harris. His odds of success certainly aren't incredibly high, and he is as raw as raw can be, but ... man, do you want to root for him.

2. We rank classes based on cumulative point totals. Remember that. Small classes are punished for being small ... and almost nobody in the SEC signs small classes.

Now, that math is not quite right; I didn't realize when I posted that, but Mizzou's per-recruit average does not include two currently unrated signees: Duron Singleton (likely three stars) and Harris (likely two). So that bumps Mizzou's 3.06 average down to 3.00, which would rank around 31st-32nd. Not elite, but not attached with the same stigma as 48th, Mizzou's current overall Rivals ranking.

Food for thought: What program does Mizzou want to be moving forward? Do you want to become one of the "tons of signees, kick a ton of kids off the team each year" kind of program, or do you want to continue to try to win with the family atmosphere Mizzou has sold for years? Not an easy question to answer.

(That said, that star average certainly needs to improve if you want Mizzou's ceiling to be higher than about 8-4. You won't find anybody arguing otherwise.)

3. Ezekiel Elliott announces his decision at 4pm. Sounds like he's about the only other iron in the fire at this point. MIZ-EZE.