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Mizzou Spring football 2013: Practice No. 1 reports

Practice No. 1 of spring football (Henry Josey is back) is in the books (Henry Josey is back) . There wasn't too much notable to report (Henry Josey is back) ... except for one thing (Henry Josey is back). Football Camp Report

Head Coach Gary Pinkel was pleased with what he saw at the beginning of his 13th spring camp at Mizzou.

"Overall it was a really good day, obviously we just had helmets on for NCAA rules, and it will be the same on Thursday," he said. "Just a high level of energy and excitement to get back out here again, it's been awhile, and I thought the team worked well. It's always about fundamentals, but certainly in practices like this where you don't have a lot of competitive drills because you don't have full pads on, it's real important, the details of their position and the fundamentals," he said.

Without full contact scrimmaging, the day focused mostly on position drills and a lot of one-on-one pass rush drills between the offensive and defensive lines. A highlight during 7-on-7 passing drills included QB Maty Mauk hooking up with WR Dorial Green-Beckham on a nice timing route over the middle for a gain of around 10 yards, until CB David Johnson swatted the ball loose from behind. Fellow CB Xavier Smith pounced on the ball for a takeaway by the defense.

The Trib (Dave Matter): Josey, Tigers practice for first time in 2013

The only other players who wore red pullovers for injuries during the open portion of practice—the first 45 minutes—were defensive tackles Matt Hoch and Harold Brantley. Pinkel has said the staff evaluated its training and practice regimens in regards to last year's flood of injuries.

"We've done a lot of analysis here," he said. "Last year we lost half our offensive linemen, which is unheard of. And then our quarterback problems we had injury-wise. But the rest of our team was as healthy as can be. It's not like we're doing things wrong. We look at all those things. We have to be more lucky, I think. I really think that's what it is. I'm telling the players, attitude-wise, just stay healthy. Hopefully they listen to me."

PowerMizzou: FIRST-LOOK NOTEBOOK: MARCH 12, 2013

There's plenty of chatter about redshirt freshman Sean Culkin becoming the next break-out star at tight end for the Tigers. He looks the part, that much is certain. He made a few leaping grabs during passing drills, but take everything with a grain of salt, as we're only able to see the offense go up against air during the open period.

PowerMizzou: Spring Notebook: Day 1

RB Henry Josey and LT Justin Britt did not wear red jerseys, and appeared to be full-go for the workout. Josey's return has been well-documented, although he's running third-team behind Marcus Murphy and Russell Hansbrough. However, Gary Pinkel said he's cleared for all drills this spring.

That doesn't mean there won't be an acclimation period for the former All-Big 12 running back.

"I think it's going to be a little psychological with him," Pinkel said. "Each practice is. He went through the winter conditioning, and did a great job with that....

"No one has any idea what he's gone through and all the work he's gone through, and his determination. What a story. He'll get the pads on, Friday will be the first time with full pads, and he'll also go through those moments where you earn that trust back. That's typical of anybody that comes off of any surgery like that."

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