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NCAA Tournament Live Thread I: Early Thursday

The first of many.


Any early rooting interests?

11:15 a.m. CT
MIDWEST: No. 3 Michigan State vs. No. 14 Valparaiso (CBS)

11:40 a.m. CT
EAST: No. 6 Butler vs. No. 11 Bucknell (TruTV)

12:40 p.m. CT
WEST: No. 8 Pittsburgh vs. No. 9 Wichita State (TBS)

1:10 p.m. CT
MIDWEST: No. 4 Saint Louis vs. No. 13 New Mexico State (TNT)

1:45 p.m. CT
MIDWEST: No. 6 Memphis vs. No. 11 Saint Mary's (CBS)

2:10 p.m. CT
EAST: No. 3 Marquette vs. No. 14 Davidson (TruTV)

3:10 p.m. CT
WEST: No. 1 Gonzaga vs. No. 16 Southern (TBS)

3:40 p.m. CT
MIDWEST: No. 5 Oklahoma State vs. No. 12 Oregon (TNT)