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BST is in charge: Bar Table

So, T&C Fan is out of town on yet another glamorous trip around the globe and asked me to fill in today. So, here we go...

Jamie Squire

Its been a bit slow around these parts lately, lets see if we cant get some lively discussion flowing.

1. April fools day is coming up, whats the best prank you've been a part of. (this includes being pranked or doing the pranking)

2. Opening Day for the MLB is upcoming as well. This is a holiday in my family because even though the Royals suck something awful, we are die hard fans. Is it a big deal for you, a deal, or a dont care?

3. Its spring break week at Mizzou, some of us are still young enough to do spring break the crazy way, others are a bit more relaxed. Do you still spring break hard and heavy or just hang at home?

4. From DM: Since we all failed as fans this year, what will you be doing to become a better fan before next season?

Bonus. Tim McCarver will be done broadcasting on fox after this season. I rejoiced in the halls when I saw this news. He is easily my most hated broadcaster ever. Aside from the obvious troll Gottlieb who would you all be happy with never seeing or hearing over the airways again?