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Oval Table; March 6, 2013

Today is National Dentist Day. Sorry but I dislike dentists like some people dislike lawyers.

1. There are two thoughts about Mike Anderson's impact on the Mizzou program (from the sports media and even Mike Anderson himself) and whether he left it in better shape than upon arrival. What are your thoughts?

  • Program was in shambles when he came & he brought it back to prominence (3 years in tournament including Elite Eight)
  • Historic program with some down years (Quinn); brought back to respectable status but left the cupboard bare in terms of recruiting when he left.
2. The Big 12 basketball schedule tended to be Saturday & Mon/Tues games. Very very occasionally we had a Wednesday game. The SEC schedule is Sat & then Wed/Thurs games with an occasional Tues game. Is there one schedule you prefer? Why?

3. Does the Mke Anderson help ignite the Mizzou-Arky rivalry?

4. Best book you have ever read.

Still mulling around a video roundtable format. If you are interested and have access to a video cam & ability to hook into a google hangout, let me know and we will get you the info on when it is happening.