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Spring has sprung Round Table

Its wednesday, lets all get together around the table and discuss the most important issues of the day!

Jamie Squire

1. A bit of talk today about yet another former Tiger looking good in the majors. So, who is your favorite Mizzou alum playing non (American) football pro sports?

2. The April showers are really starting to come on strong this week which means lots more yard work is in my very near future. How do you feel about getting into the yard or garden? Love it, hate it, don't care either way, live in an apartment and laugh?

3. Spring practices for football are in full swing and the team is staying somewhat healthy so far (thank goodness). What are you hoping to see most out of the next few weeks?

4. The diamond teams are heading into the stretch of the season. Baseball stands at 12-17 and softball is 23-4. What are your expectations for these two squads going forward?

Bonus: Its my 30th b-day Sunday. What should I do and what shouldn't I do? Best suggestions will be carried out and proof will be provided.