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Mizzou Links, 4-12-13

Mizzou scores an East St. Louis commit for the first time since ... um ... a long time. Plus: Sheldon's heading to New York, Softball gets ready for Arkansas, and Baseball preps for No. 2 Vandy.


Mizzou Football Links

So Mizzou scored its fourth commitment of the 2014 class yesterday when East St. Louis safety Greg Taylor gave his pledge while on a visit with two teammates, high three-star linebacker Kyron Watson and defensive end Terry Beckner, Jr., both of whom have Mizzou offers.

This is the first East St. Louis commit for Mizzou in a loooooong time and is significant for that very reason. We've heard on many occasions of head coach Darren Sunkett steering his kids away from Mizzou -- that was supposedly one of the reasons why Kansas running back (and the Jayhawks' only good skill position player) Anthony Pierson isn't a Tiger right now, and it was supposedly one of the deciding factors in the recruitment of eventual Illinois cornerback Terry Hawthorne. (Note the two "supposedlys" in that sentence. We're talking about Internet rumors, after all.) If the bridge is being rebuilt there, then this commitment could be significant no matter what Taylor does on the field.

That said ... his Hudl film below is pretty damn impressive. He looks bigger than his listed 5'11, 180 stature, and he seems like a nice, fluid athlete. Welcome, Mr. Taylor.

Also, this:

Mizzou Basketball Links

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Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

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Other Mizzou Links

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