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SEC and ESPN set to announce SEC Network on Tuesday

Mike Slive will dominate the headlines on Tuesday
Mike Slive will dominate the headlines on Tuesday
Mizzou Network

SportsBusiness Daily is reporting that we won't have to wait too much longer to find out details about the always-inevitable SEC Network.

The SEC and ESPN plan to formally announce the creation of an SEC channel on Tuesday. The two parties have begun to reach out to key constituents to let them know about the 12:00pm ET announcement at the Atlanta Hyatt. University presidents, ADs, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, ESPN execs and the conference's corporate sponsors are among those being invited to the news conference. The SEC and ESPN have been working on plans to form a channel since the fall of '11, and the new channel is expected to launch in August '14.

The channel is expected to have its studio headquarters in Charlotte at the ESPN Regional Television offices, while the primary sales outlet will be based in Atlanta.

I really am curious how this thing takes shape. One assumes that there won't be a series of individual networks, but ... who the heck knows what to assume?

Actually, let's take an informal survey ... name some of the details you expect them to reveal on Tuesday.