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The Greatest: Now taking nominations

The Savitar

Safe to say, morale isn't incredibly high among Mizzou fans at the moment. Seemingly every Mizzou squad has been wrecked by some combination of injuries, bad luck, and heartbreaking losses this season; that it has all happened in the same year is either a good or awful thing, depending on your perspective.

Regardless, being a Mizzou fan is always a great thing. And to help us remember why, we're going to soon be unveiling The Greatest, a series looking at the Top 100 greatest anythings in Mizzou's long history: players, coaches, teams, wins, games, photos, videos, et cetera. The order of the list will be chosen by a committee of masthead members, basically, but I wanted to make sure that all applicable nominees are accounted for. So I ask you to take a moment and share some of the people, places, or things that absolutely, positively must be named in such a list. Some of the nominees are obvious -- shockingly, yes, the 1960 and 2007 Mizzou Football teams will make the list, as will the 1994 and 2009 Mizzou Basketball teams; and so will Norm Stewart and Don Faurot, as controversial as that may seem [/sarcasm] -- but some are not. Let's hear 'em.

This is going to be a fun project. It'll be even more fun with a little bit of audience participation.