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The Greatest: Honorable Mention

Tomorrow, we begin with The Greatest, a series focusing on the 100 greatest people, places, and things associated with Mizzou athletics. The list is a fun mix of new and old, teams and games, players and pictures, etc, that will take us through the summer. But before we can get started, we should take a look at those that barely missed the cut.

Bill Carter

It was really, really difficult coming up with a Top 100 list that mixed events with people throughout Mizzou's 100-year history. How do you compare a win to an athlete? How do you compare a picture to a tournament run? That was the fun part, really, but it also resulted in an Honorable Mention list that was almost as big as the list itself. Let's take some time to celebrate those that could have, or should have, made the list.

Best Administrators & Coaches

Mike Alden.

Jim Johnson.

Gary Pinkel.

Best Athletes

Max Askren.

Herb Bunker.

Demarre Carroll.

John Clay.

Aaron Crow.

Sabrina Dornhoefer.

Mark Ellis.

Bus Entsminger.

Justin Gage.

Charlie Henke.

Darold Jenkins.

Arthur Johnson.

Robin Lingle.

John Lobsiger.

Lorinda Richardson.

Kareem Rush.

Aldon Smith.

Nikki Thole.

Sean Weatherspoon.

Best Bloodlines

The Wrestling McCormicks.

Best Coaches

Gene McArtor.

Rick McGuire.

Best Games

Football: Mizzou 13, Kansas 13 (November 22, 1958).

Basketball: Mizzou 81, Kansas State 72 (February 26, 1976).

Football: Mizzou 46, USC 25 (September 11, 1976).

Basketball: Missouri 90, UNLV 78 (December 14, 1991).

Basketball: Mizzou 89, Kansas 86 (OT) (January 16, 2006).

Football: Mizzou 41, Nebraska 6 (October 6, 2007).

Basketball: Mizzou 102, Memphis 91 (March 26, 2009).

Football: Mizzou 41, Kansas 39 (November 28, 2009).

Best Memes

Tremendous Stubble.

Best Oddities

Mizzou Football goes to Mexico (1896).

Best Performances

Brad Smith vs. Oklahoma (2002).

Best Photos

Brad Smith vs. South Carolina.


Best Plays

James Franklin vs. Texas A&M (2011).

Best Press Conferences

"Reconcile by winning".

Best Runs

2002 Mizzou Basketball to the Elite Eight.

Best Teams

1939 Mizzou Football (bonus link).

1941 Mizzou Football.

1968 Mizzou Football.

1975-76 Mizzou Basketball.

1989-90 Mizzou Basketball.

2007 Mizzou Wrestling.

Best Walk-Ons

Jed Frost.

This should be a fun series. You are guaranteed to disagree with most of the order, but don't let that impact your day-to-day enjoyment of it. Mizzou has had a lot of fun moments and great athletes, and after a frustrating year of injuries and whatnot, now's probably a pretty good time for a morale builder.