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At the Kitchen Table: National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

was actually yesterday But we wouldn't let technicalities interfere with a meme.

Yum - grilled pb&j
Yum - grilled pb&j

1. Although the season was a mixed bag, what is your favorite memory from the basketball season?

2. If you could give constructive criticism to Mike Kelly, what would it be.

3. Will you ask two people to vote for Trent today? Give him over 4000. Waste time on the Internet in a positive way! (The double vote answer is D - all of the above). He's at 3709 - need 291 to get him to 4000. YOU CAN DO IT!

4. Is jelly the best complement to peanut butter or is there something better? Do you have a favorite jelly?


1) That's a tough one; I'm not sure I have a single favorite memory. A few things come to mind: seeing AO come to really enjoy his time at Mizzou. His emotions will stick with me for a long time. Party Starter starting parties. The UCLA game, even though we lost — seeing Phil dish out 19 assists was mindblowing. Beating Arkansas. Beating Florida at home.

If I have to pick one, it would be the Bucknell game, just because I got to go to it with my dad, which is a rare occurrence, and also because I met the bgtd family there.

2) TELL ME THE DOWN, DISTANCE, TIME AND SCORE. We sometimes listen to him while driving (during away games), and if the station cuts out (normal in the Ozarks), you can go minutes without having any idea what's going on. Much less of a problem in basketball.

3) Indeed! In fact, I have been asking all my Twitter followers to vote for him.

4) I can't think of anything better, although we sometimes eat peanut butter with agave nectar on waffles. Favorite normal jelly is raspberry; favorite specialty is Wolferman's tart cherry.

Bonus question for the group: I'm (JST) going to Lawrence tonight, staying through Friday. Trying to keep a positive spirit about it. What would you do in that town for two days?

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