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Mizzou Links, 5-24-13

Mizzou digs itself a Super Regional hole, Flip Pressey is not Nate Robinson, and we're still talking about SEC scheduling.

Well, Chelsea ... time to troll the hell out of Washington tonight, I guess.
Well, Chelsea ... time to troll the hell out of Washington tonight, I guess.

1. I mean ... yes, the errors were daggers. Yes, it was a bit of a defensive meltdown. Obviously. But...

...not including a single four-run outbreak in one inning last year (in the 12th inning of Game 2), Mizzou has now scored four runs in the last 33 Super Regional innings. And hell, they've scored 10 runs in 34 innings so far in this postseason (six in two innings, four in the other 32). Hard to win when you turn every opposing pitcher into Chelsea Thomas. And now you've got Chelsea looking at at least 14 innings of work this evening if Mizzou is to win. Ugh. Washington rallies to Take Super Regional Game One, 2-1 Mizzou / Washington Game 1: Post-Game Notes Post Game Quotes

HEAD COACH Ehren Earleywine

Opening Statement...
"Well, obviously we're disappointed. I thought Chelsea pitched well enough for us to win tonight. Our offense sputtered the whole game; we were on top of the drop and we were under the rise. We made a couple of defensive miscues that cost us, and in a game against a team like that, in championship play, it's always that one little mistake that costs you. So from here, we've got our backs against the wall and we'll see what this team is made of tomorrow."

On the level of confidence in Chelsea's pitching...
"She seems really confident about it - so I do too. Anytime she says she feels she can do something, I've seen her come through a lot of times. I'm encouraged by what she says. My message to her tomorrow will be: let's focus on winning the first game. Forget about two games, after that we'll see what happens."

On Krebs having four errors in the past three games...
"Fielding is a lot like hitting in that you can get into defensive slumps. In her defense, I haven't played her a lot this year, so she's probably knocking some of the rust off, trying to get comfortable. That being said, those are plays that I think she can make. And I'll have to sleep on it and see what we'll do tomorrow."

On the team's defensive struggle in practice compared to the game...
"It was very similar because a lot stuff we did at practice the other day was just basic fundamental defensive stuff. And that's the way it works; generally you're going to play like you practice, and that was my concern. It is truly about preparation. I'm not sure how much that practice had to do with it, but the errors, the real rustiness of our fundamentals was a concern."

On team's inability to score runs...
"Chelsea probably didn't pitch her best game; she missed her spot a few times and walked that batter in the last inning. We made a couple of errors, but good heavens, we've got to swing the bats. Washington has a couple of good pitchers, not Olympic caliber, but we made them look like that tonight. To me, it really boiled down to we just didn't hit the ball well enough today.

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2. Flipadelphia

ZagsBlog: Pressey Looking to Prove Himself as NBA Draft Looms

"I’ve played against bigger point guards, I really don’t see them as being more athletic than me, just taller," the Dallas native and University of Missouri product told after his session at the Nets Draft Combine on Wednesday morning at PNY Center. "When it comes to athleticism, I match up with the best of them. If a guy is a couple inches taller than me, I don’t feel like that affects me at all. I feel like what I do is a lot better than what they do." […]

"I wanna like Pressey," one veteran NBA scout who witnessed the workout told "I like his energy, he’s a good passer, he just has to realize he’s not Nate Robinson. Play straight, get in the gym and get 500 makes a night. His jumper leaves a lot to be desired."

3. I can't say I thought we'd still be talking about scheduling 18 months after the announced move to the SEC. (Andy Staples): SEC football schedule models: What's the best approach?
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4. Go, Malcolm! Malcolm Pennix is First Tiger Into National Championships

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