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The Greatest, #84: Godzilla eats West Virginia

Yes, we've already covered Justin Smith on this list. But this one play gets special treatment.

I was at my parents' studio apartment in Silver Spring, MD, during the 1998 Bowl. They didn't have cable, so I listened to the game via internet radio stream of Mike Kelly and John Kadlec.

As I remember it 14+ years later, this play just tickled Kelly and Kadlec to death. And when I finally got to watch the recording of the game a week or so later, it lived up to the hype I had built in my imagination. West Virginia attempts some early-bowl trickeration with something resembling a Statue of Liberty Play. Justin Smith, having already blown past the right tackle, doesn't waste time trying to figure out where the ball is -- he just shoves Marc Bulger into running back Amos Zereoue. Problem solved.

From his first day as a Missouri Tiger in 1998 to his final game in black and gold, Justin Smith showed a level of athleticism and aggressiveness that were so overwhelming that they bought him time while he figured out how to actually play defensive end. Fourteen years and multiple all-pro seasons later, it's safe to say his brain has caught up. Regardless, one play, in a minor bowl game during his freshman year, perfectly encapsulated everything we came to know and love about the college version of Justin Smith.

Actually, let's watch it again. And again.