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The masthead discusses SEC softball prospects, your garden & the most interesting place in the world.

Gary needs your help.
Gary needs your help.
Jamie Squire

1. The ladies take the field tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. in Kentucky to face Arkansas in the SEC tournament. Will they take the SEC tournament title in their first year? How is Chelsea Thomas used?

2. Gary Pinkel has turned to RMN for advice for the 2013-2014 campaign. He wants you to change ONE thing about the team. What is it?

3. How does your garden grow? What's in it & what are your expectations?

4. What is the most interesting place you have visited in your life? Why?


1. No. Not enough Chelsea. She will be used every other day.

2. Win

3. No garden. Had my fill of that working on a veggie farm for two summers.

4. Probably the multiple nuclear power plants I have visited. It is amazing how clean they are and how much power they produce from so little fuel. Also, vehicle inspections surrounded by guys with M16's.

Da Beef

My my...aren't we pushy this morning....

1. I thought the game was at 3pm? I don't believe they will simply because of the lack of pitching depth. I think Coach E will have a quick hook on Chelsea in Game 1 if the bats jump out early, but this tourney is SOOOOOOOOOOOO deep that even an upset may not really help you along the way. Though this is an interesting sub-question....would you use Chelsea enough to win the SEC Tourney if you knew it would be to your ultimate detriment the following week in the NCAA tourney?

2. More bubble wrap for players so they don't get hurt

3. I have been trying to build a planter in my front yard for about 1.5 years. I was all about this spring, but the stupid amount of weekend rain has slowed that process down. I believe The Queen has some herbs growing in pots in the backyard, but I don't really go back there except to mow.

4. I thought Hearst Castle was really interesting because of the location (not really near anything) and just how amazingly ornate it was/still is.

1. They will not, I'm saying they get bounced in the Semifinals which is ok. Enough time to get Chelsea and the team a bit of rest before the NCAA's.

2. I am designated the official team meal planner/pre game speech giver. Everyone is well fed and pumped the eff up all season long and we coast to the SEC title game a hair over weight.

3. I was stupid and bought a foreclosure 4 years ago. I have been working on getting the inside to not suck so much that the outside now looks like a cow pasture mixed with a meth labs front yard. This fall I hope fo finally get it sprayed, aerated and seeded so that I at least wont be ashamed of it next year.

4. This church: it is the Our Lady of Guadalupe catholic church in Peurto Vallarta. The architecture is pretty freaking amazing by itself and the way it stand over the entire downtown area is just as awesome.


1. I have no idea.

2. Devote resources and attention to making punt/kickoff coverage units elite. The point, obviously, is to gain field position. All coaches want field position but tend to emphasize different ways to get it. With regard to how they utilize various aspects of special teams to create field position, I put coaches on a continuum. If we are talking strictly about coverage then Dennis Erickson and June Jones are at one end, both notoriously indifferent about coverage. (Both feel differently about return units.) Frank Beamer (at least on reputation) is at the other end.

I'd put the Pinkel staff more than halfway towards the Erickson/Jones end of the continuum. I don't sense outright indifference but nothing beyond basic functional interest. You never hear anyone on the staff talking in any detail about creating field position in the kicking game. At least I don't.

Missouri isn't going to compete with the conference leaders in recruiting battles before winning some SEC games. But, what we have seen from recent Missouri recruiting--disappointment aside--is taking shots on raw, athletic, less-developed talent. These are the kinds of kids who should help immediately on coverage units. That's all great, but given the past couple seasons Pinkel needs to find/develop more talent at punter and kickoff. The best coverage is usually the kind that isn't returned.

3. I grow nothing myself, but my wife has a fig tree and my stepson has a small grapevine. Both are growing and appear healthy. Neither has ever sprouted fruit though.

4. Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I lived in New England between 2000-2002. I have a cousin who used to do dirt in Woonsocket in the 80s and 90s. Anyway, he decided to show me his old stomping grounds and we end up at some dive bar. I ended up uncomfortably near an argument over missing marijuana revenue involving two other people including my cousin's friend. If I might paint a picture for you, the friend looks exactly, and I mean exactly, like Joe Pesci in Casino. Except, this is a woman--late 30s, white, working-class. As it happens, she is a player of some repute in the drug and prostitution games there in good old Woonsocket. As such, she is less than politely engaged with one of her lower level operatives. The operative, bearing a vague resemblance to Nick Mangold's sister, Holley, for her part maintains that she submitted revenues for the quantity she was provided. Joe Pesci woman begs to differ. Hence, the impasse.

I suppose conversations like that have to be pretty common. What made Woonsocket the weirdest place I ever visited, I maintain, is that it was temporarily transported--Twilight Zone-style--onto the set of the 1995 film Casino but re-directed by the late Vincent Price and re-imagined by Poe.


1. I don't think so, but I think they'll need 2 wins to secure home field for the Super Regionals. How will Coach E use Chelsea? Like someone else said, I think she gets a quick hook on Thursday, if possible, so she can pitch on Friday. After that, I have no idea. Hudson isn't getting the run or defensive support she really needs to win the bigger games, so a lot of the teams success is going to be put on Chelsea's shoulders...not really a surprise though, is it?

2. Spread the ball around more...lots of talent on this team and I don't want to see this thing turn into the Josey/Green-Beckham show like I think it's going to be this year.

3. Haven't been able to plant yet, it's been too wet. I'm hoping to get corn, green beans, cantaloupe, tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, potatoes, onions, cabbage and lettuce in when it does dry out some.

4. Kuwait, I guess. When we pulled into port for refueling, we were told that the Iraqis had hit a nearby mall with a missle only days before, but we couldn't see anything from the docks. When I flew into Ali-Al Salem Air Base, I pulled guard duty for our compound one night and a couple guys from the UAE came over and brought us some food. After we ate it all, I walked over to their plain looking building to return the absolutely beautiful tray the food came on and the inside was absolutely stunning. Really beautiful tile floors and and extravagant staircase which was unlike anything I could have imagined inside such a dreary looking building.


.1. I doubt they will, because that's what everyone else has said... She will be used to pitch the ball? Sorry, it's finals time, I got nothing.

2. ONE thing? Hmm...
This is hard because of the changes coming up for the team, with the new offense and offensive philosophy, the coming defensive schematic changes after a year of experience in the SEC, as well as all sorts of kinks from the new teams/wrinkles/random things encountered from the previous year. So its hard to suggest a change, because it may already be dealt with. But maybe overall, I would like to change Pinkel's demeanor. As much as I respect his calmness, his seeming level-headedness, I think there is something to be said for a little fire (at least publicly) in a coach. Not the passive-agressive bitching (you can edit that out) of Stoops, but a visible competitiveness, a public desire to win that goes beyond just saying it followed by "we do what we do". I don't want chair throwing, temper tantrums, over the top bravado. But some nice, succinct and memorable fire for quotes, something that gets attention, but not national attention, just enough to rile up our and the opposing fans, giving something for the players to live up to. Not Rex Ryan-esuqe predictions, never that far. Just a sly smile and a "I really can't wait for Kony Ealy to meet the Ole Miss O-Line" or "I expect a few Tennessee LBs to get a better look at the back of Josey's jersey than the front." Just some fun, harmless things like that.

3. My family owns some farm land, but we have a neighbor actually farm it for us. So by magic to me!

4. I think it would be the Missouri State Historical Society/St Charles County Historical Society. So much history, so many stories, scandals, heartbreaks and joy, all just sitting there in the books and microfilm. I spend as much time there as I can, just doing research for fun.

dcrockett17 NEEEEERRRRRRDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

capncribbs People always say the nerds will end up being your boss one day....guess they forgot about the history loving nerds... :(


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