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Mizzou Links, 6-10-13

Mizzou recruits turn into recruiters, SEC scheduling is hard, and if we ignore Nevin Shapiro, he'll go away.


1. Camp season at Ol' Mizzou

PowerMizzou: Mizzou Team Camp photos
PowerMizzou: Recruits to recruiters

[Paul] Adams and [Thomas] Richard have been active mainly on Twitter, frequently reaching out to other uncommitted prospects. That includes players from Kentucky, Texas and Missouri already. They uncover new names that Missouri is recruiting by speaking to the staff frequently. Once they hear a name, the teammates from Nashville take over.

Sometimes, it may seem a little daunting. Both players are heavily recruiting other Tennessee athletes, such as Rashaan Gaulden and Vic Wharton, currently a commitment to the Volunteers. Derek Barnett is accompanying Adams and Richard to Columbia on Sunday for the Tigers' final one-day camp of the summer.

All three of those players, though, are four-stars. Their offer lists put them in the nation's elite. Adams and Richard have reached out to other four-star players across the country, ones with no connection to the Tennessee duo.

But Richard said it's easy to reach out -- it's easy to take the risk of letting a stranger know that they should consider Missouri.

"It makes it a lot easier to talk to other recruits about Missouri when I know without a doubt that it's the best school for me or for anyone," Richard said. "Me and Paul, we strongly believe it's the place, and we just need more great players with us."

PowerMizzou: Camp Notebook: Day 2
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PowerMizzou: One Day Camp Attendees
We Are Mizzou: Tiger Youth Football Camp

Other Recruiting Links
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2. And a look at basketball recruiting, too

PowerMizzou: 2014 Hoops Hot Board, Part 2

3. The new Border War rivalry

Post-Dispatch: Tigers vs. Razorbacks: Border War sequel coming soon
Post-Dispatch: SEC official on schedules, rivalries & Mizzou's rookie year

Q: How much more difficult is piecing together this puzzle of a football schedule than the average fan probably realizes, especially with 14 teams, which is an unusual number for a conference?

A: It’s difficult just with 14 playing the eight-game schedule where you play everyone in your division, you play one permanent and you play one rotator from the other division. That’s hard enough, but our ADs, and rightfully so, they wanted to continue to honor the contracts we have with nonconference schools. I’m going to give you one example: In 2014, all four of Missouri’s nonconference games are in first the four weeks. Georgia, three of their four nonconference games are in the final four weeks. When you start looking at Georgia-Missouri you’ve taken seven weeks already off the table for finding a place to put that game. That’s just two schools. We’ve got one other school that has four consecutive nonconference games to start the season and we have about half of our schools that have a nonconference games on the next-to-last weekend of the season. So, it creates some issues for us. But we’re going to try to protect all of those. We’re trying to move some nonconference games, but we’re not there yet.

4. Oh, just stop talking Nevin ... actually, just stop listening, everybody else

CBS Sports: Report: Nevin Shapiro to make new gambling allegations

5. Roundup

MLB Draft
The Trib: MU's Walsh, Steele selected in MLB draft

Track & Field Peoples Earns Third All-American Finish on Final Day Katrine Haarklau Earns Fifth, New School Record in Pole Vault at NCAA Championships

The Trib: Stuck on winning big

Why him? There was no shortage of reasons, Gillin said.

The easiest way to find a gymnastics coach is dive into the close-knit gymnastics community and ask around.

"His name kept popping up," Gillin said.

And then there was this: "From everyone we talked to, they said if he's not the best, he's one of the best recruiters in the country," Gillin said. "That was important."

On top of that, Welker had helped keep the gymnastics powerhouse of Michigan near the top for the last half-decade and he had directly coached the 2013 national champion in the floor, Joanna Sampson.

Throw in that he was a Missouri boy, and it all worked out perfectly.

"He's somebody that wanted to be here, that we could see being here for a long time," Gillin said.

Welker agreed to a five-year deal worth $125,000 annually. That's a substantial upgrade over the salary of Drass, who made $78,000.

Men's Golf Missouri Men's Golf Announces 2013-14 Schedule

Music Monday

It's really easy to fall into a serious music crush on Jenny Lewis. And though the band is mostly dead, here's some Rilo Kiley for posterity...