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Mizzou Links, 6-11-13

Frank Haith replaces another assistant (hey, it's better than dealing with Nevin Shapiro), the SEC fixes all of its officiating issues for all-time (right?), and the Rock M looks a little flatter.

"Which one of you is leaving this time?"
"Which one of you is leaving this time?"
Kevin C. Cox

We'll get to the non-conference basketball schedule in a separate post. For now, here are the other links...

1. Rick Carter: gone

I make too many "exploding Spinal Tap drummers" references -- it's my go-to revolving door reference, and it's really old and overused at this point. But if I hadn't overused it, I would call this assistant coaching spot on the Mizzou staff an exploding Spinal Tap drummer. But hey, he did stay for almost an entire calendar year... Assistant coach Rick Carter leaving MU basketball program

Carter was hired in 2012, joining the program from Western Michigan, and primarily worked with Mizzou guards. A connection with fellow Tigers assistant Tim Fuller — both had worked at Fairfield — helped Carter land the job.

Speculation suggests that Carter eventually will join the staff at Xavier, although no announcement has been made.

2. Camp went well, it seems

PowerMizzou: Mizzou Camp 2 photos
PowerMizzou: [High 3-star GA WR Nate] Brown 'blown away' by Mizzou
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou adjusts to SEC camp rules

3. This makes everything better, right?

Fox Sports MW (AP): SEC hires Bell as coordinator of hoops officials

A longtime SEC official, Bell has officiated in several conference tournaments, the NCAA tournament and the NIT. He had served as coordinator of basketball officials for the Atlantic Sun Conference starting in 2006 and held that role in the Southern Atlantic Association last year.

He also worked as the coordinator of men's basketball officials for the Mid-South Conference from 1996-2000 and called this job "a dream opportunity for me."

4. Yeah, the 'M' definitely looks flatter

PowerMizzou: Faurot Construction photos