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Mizzou Links, 6-14-13

Logan Cheadle is a Tiger, Frank Haith states his case, and TSF does cool things.

Current E.J. Gaines helped to lock down Future E.J. Gaines.
Current E.J. Gaines helped to lock down Future E.J. Gaines.
Bill Carter

1. Hello, Mr. Cheadle

KC Star: LS West cornerback packs on the pounds, commits to Missouri
PowerMizzou (Free): Cheadle gets help from a friend
Post-Dispatch: Tigers pick up cornerback for 2014 Logan Cheadle Video

Really excited about this one, and not only because Mizzou is now Don Cheadle's favorite college football team. From the beginning, the buzz on Cheadle was that he was the real deal but tiny. Mizzou told him they'd offer him as soon as he put on a few pounds, and he did. He drew interest from Iowa State, Nebraska, etc., but he chose Mizzou yesterday.

Cheadle's Hudl video above shows a guy with nice cover skills (he's always stuck to his receiver when the ball is thrown) and perfect "little guy tackling bigger guys" form. He doesn't just bear hug ball-carriers until they trip and fall, he goes straight for the ankles. And his ball skills seem to be all you could ask for. So yeah ... he looks like the high school version of E.J .Gaines, basically. Love it.

2. Haith states his case

The Trib: Haith in Indianapolis for NCAA hearings
The Missourian: NCAA opens hearing on Miami violations, including Frank Haith allegations
KC Star: Haith, Miami begin defense in front of NCAA infractions committee

3. ...again...

KC Star: MU tackle Chris Freeman leaves Tigers’ football team

In terms of pure "If Mizzou suffers another 17(ish) injuries on the offensive line, will they still be able to field a lineup of scholarship players?" depth, losing big Chris Freeman again certainly hurts. But I think it was pretty clear at this point that the staff didn't really see starter potential in him -- he didn't play during last year's 17(ish) injuries, after all; in terms of upside, this loss doesn't really register on the scale, though it's always disappointing when it doesn't work out.

4. Now now, Josh, play nice...

The Denver Post: George Karl fires back at Josh Kroenke about being fired as Nuggets coach


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