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Mizzou Links, 6-18-13

Torey Boozer is booted, Frank Haith is ready to replace Carter, Quin Snyder has just about finished career rehab, and Brian Smith and Missouri are cookin'.

Maty Mauk and the Class of 2013 still might thrive, but the attrition probably needs to stop.
Maty Mauk and the Class of 2013 still might thrive, but the attrition probably needs to stop.
Bill Carter

1. Bye bye, Boozer

KC Star: Missouri redshirt freshman linebacker Torey Boozer dismissed from team
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou linebacker Boozer booted off team

I've said a few times that a team can survive an iffy recruiting class. Surviving two iffy classes, however, is difficult. It does serious damage to your depth. The 2012 class has now lost three of 19 players and only received contributions from Evan Boehm, Dorial Green-Beckham, and Russell Hansbrough. There is still plenty of potential, of course -- Maty Mauk, Magic Mike Scherer, Sean Culkin, John Gibson, Harold Brantley, Donavin Newsom, etc. -- but hopefully we're done with the attrition there, otherwise the 2013 recruiting class will face quite a bit of pressure to thrive a little earlier than one would prefer.

As a whole, though, the loss of Boozer isn't one that threatens to have a huge impact. Linebacker is a position of depth, and Boozer wasn't really threatening to crack the two-deep in 2013.

2. Hello, Coach Phelps (maybe)

The Trib (Steve Walentik): Report: Haith close to hiring Phelps as assistant coach
Post-Dispatch: Haith close to adding veteran coach to staff
The Missourian: Report suggests changes to NCAA women's basketball postseason
KC Star: Report: Former Drake coach Mark Phelps could become MU basketball assistant

Other Basketball
The Trib (Steve Walentik): What’d I miss?

3. Good for him

Fox Sports MW: Quin Snyder's NBA stock is on the rise

4."Brian Smith and Missouri Tigers got something cookin'"

FloWrestling: Lewis Commits To Missouri

5. Recruiting! Rivals Spotlight: Logan Cheadle
PowerMizzou: [Parkway Central's Jonathan] Bonner gets Tiger offer after camp

6. $$$

The Trib: Long’s pro golf career off to profitable start

7. The fifth one is my favorite

Vulture: See Kanye West Quotes As Spiritual Posters