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Mizzou Links, 6-25-13

Lots of basketball talk, in-state recruiting, and Kyle Gibson's debut.


1. Haith talks about ... well, a lot of things

Post-Dispatch: Haith high on Mizzou newcomers

Rosters are being rebuilt around the conference, especially at Missouri, where third-year coach Frank Haith will have six eligible newcomers this season: a Division I transfer, a junior college transfer and four freshmen. So far, freshman guard Wes Clark, who will inherit Phil Pressey’s No. 1 jersey, and junior college forward Keanau Post have caught the coaching staff’s attention during team workouts.

"Those two guys are the newcomers that stand out," Haith said during today’s SEC teleconference. "But it’s still early. A guy like Johnathan Williams III, he’s got a chance to be an outstanding player. They’re all working tremendously hard in the weight room. I think the one thing you’ll notice when you look at our team is when those guys stand next to our returning guys there’s a difference. Obviously there’s a maturation. They’re younger, but their bodies are different."

The Trib: Newcomers impress MU’s Haith
The Trib (Steve Walentik): Haith discusses newcomers, draft prospects of former Tigers during SEC teleconference

On the his thoughts heading into the fall with a remade roster …

"Obviously, I’m really excited about next season. I think we’re a young team with only two seniors in Earnest Ross and Tony Criswell returning, and we’ve got some newcomers and freshmen and a junior college transfer in Keanau Post, but I like what we’ve done in terms of putting together a roster. The returning guys have all worked really, really hard. Earnest Ross, Jabari Brown, even a guy like Jordan Clarkson, who was a sit-out guy and Tony Criswell, those guys have worked their tails off and gotten better, which gives us a great foundation to work with going into next season."

KC Star: MU’s Haith talks new college basketball rules, NBA Draft and more
PowerMizzou: Quotes from Frank Haith on the SEC summer hoops teleconference
KC Star: New Missouri center Keanau Post is busy in the weight room

2. Kimmeh is reflecting Kim English Visited The R.G. Combs Language Preschool
Post-Dispatch: Detroit Tiger: English reflects on rookie year

3. The Draft

KC Star: Former Tiger Alex Oriakhi takes his shot at the NBA
Fox Sports MW: No certainties among Tiger hopefuls in NBA Draft

4. More from the SEC teleconference

Fox Sports MW: Will SEC basketball be better this season?
Post-Dispatch: SEC coaches lament flood of basketball transfers

I'm pretty sure I've had this rant before -- okay, I know I have -- but the "flood of transfers" talk is just so silly and self-serving. Coaches complaining about it is silly because of the "I can leave for another school the day after Signing Day" factor. Writers complaining about it is silly because we try to get away with saying that student-athletes don't have enough rights in one breath, then announce that we want to limit their transfer rights in the next. Just a silly topic. Transfers annoy me sometimes because I can't keep up with rosters as well (and it always really annoys me when somebody transfers from or to a team the day after I do that team's damn preview), but I get over it.

5. GIBBY Gibson to Make Major League Debut Saturday
The Trib: Former MU pitcher Gibson called up by Twins

6. Recruiting

PowerMizzou: Smith calmly making plans
PowerMizzou: Twelve Years of In-State Recruiting

7. I'm getting along pretty well with Feedly

The Verge (Forums): Just over a week until RSS apocalypse... where are you moving?