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Louisville's Zach Price to visit Missouri

The junior is a former four-star recruit who received scant minutes over two years with the Cardinals.


Price is a former four-star signee from Louisville's Jeffersontown high school. He committed to Louisville early in his junior year and was named the No. 67 prospect in the country by in the class of 2011. His high rating was due mostly to his body (6'11, 250) and potential; he only averaged 12 points and seven rebounds as a senior in high school, but when Gorgui Dieng went down with injury, Price stepped in and, at the very least, was able to keep the Cardinals moving forward overall. (He played two minutes with two turnovers and a foul against Missouri last November.)

2011-12: 19 games, 4.3 MPG, 0.6 PPG (31% FG, 27% FT), 0.8 RPG, 0.2 BPG
2012-13: 16 games, 7.7 MPG, 1.3 PPG (53% FG, 50% FT), 1.4 RPG, 0.3 BPG

Here's what Card Chronicle had to say when he announced his transfer:

Say what you will about Price's on-court play, the kid was a world-class teammate. After going from starting early in the season when Gorgui went down to not seeing the floor at all from mid-January on, he could have easily pouted and become a distraction to the rest of the team. Instead, he always appeared enthusiastic and was as animated on the bench as any Cardinal on the roster. I truly believe you have to have those types of guys in order for a team to hit its ceiling.

Best of luck to Zach going forward. You'll always be a national champion.

Price has visited Purdue, while Butler and DePaul also seem to be involved. No idea how seriously he is taking Missouri (or vice versa), but from a "you can never have enough size" perspective, this wouldn't be the worst move in the world. We'll see how it plays out.