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Mizzou Links, 7-1-13

Zach Price is a Tiger, Kyle Gibson is undefeated, Camp Chase is a success, and the state of Missouri does Mizzou no favors. Happy July!

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1. Zach Price is a Tiger

We found out Sunday evening that Zach Price didn't feel the need to wait any longer: Upon visiting Mizzou this weekend, he also decided to sign with Mizzou this weekend.

KC Star: Louisville transfer Zach Price says he’s joining Missouri basketball team
Post-Dispatch: Little-used Louisville center finds refuge at Mizzou
PowerMizzou: Tigers go transfer route again
PowerMizzou: More Info on Zach Price

So barring a defection of some sort, it appears Mizzou now has one more scholarship available for its 2014 recruiting class. We know that Devin Booker is of high priority, but it will be interesting to see how long Mizzou is willing to wait for him. Plenty of other interesting offers on the table as well. My perfect-world preference was for Mizzou to have three scholarships to give for this class instead of taking another transfer, but it's not hard to talk yourself into a big man who was at one point a star recruit like the ones Mizzou's trying to land.

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Former Tigers
The Trib (Steve Walentik): Oriakhi has skills the Suns need
Post-Dispatch: Phoenix might be perfect fit for Oriakhi
KC Star: MU’s Oriakhi thrilled to get a shot at the NBA
The Trib (Steve Walentik): Rebuilding Boston could be good spot Pressey
The Missourian: Missouri's Pressey signs with Boston Celtics after going undrafted
Post-Dispatch: Pressey lands chance with rebuilding Celtics
The Trib: Bowers to play for Grizzlies’ summer-league team
The Missourian: Missouri's Bowers set to play on Memphis Grizzlies summer-league team

2. Kyle Gibson is undefeated all-time in the majors Gibson Earns Win in Major League Debut Twitter Reaction to Kyle Gibson's MLB Debut
The Missourian (AP): Missouri's Gibson wins debut in Twins victory over Royals

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3. Camp Chase

Mizzou Network (YouTube): Chase Daniel Football Camp Feature
We Are Mizzou: PHOTOS: Chase Daniel Camp

4. It's always something

The Trib: Lack of academic scholarships puts MU at disadvantage

The state of Missouri likely provides the least amount of academic financial aid of any state with an SEC school, a fact that harms recruiting and roster depth in the university's equivalency sports, such as baseball and softball.

"It's a major disadvantage," MU softball Coach Ehren Earleywine said. "It's really hard to get academic money here at Mizzou. I've coached at several different universities, and this is by far and away the hardest place to get money."

At issue is Missouri's lack of a state-funded scholarship program for in-state students. Eight SEC schools benefit from such programs — Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

At six of those schools, an in-state high school graduate with a B average who attends a public university in the state can get at least one-third of his or her yearly tuition covered. Those with an A average qualify for even more scholarship money.

Missouri offers nothing comparable. The closest is Bright Flight, which has extremely high standards, and A+ Scholarship, which is only available for those attending two-year colleges.

"The state of Missouri doesn't support the university. You don't say..." -- Mrs. Bill C.

5. Damn straight San Diego Chargers know all about Danario Alexander now

6. One hell of a recruiting class Incoming Freshmen Named High School All-Americans
KBIA Sports: After disappointing end, Mizzou softball future looking bright

7. Woody's bumpy wagon

The Tennessean: For Woody Widenhofer, life after Vanderbilt took toll


The Trib: Former Tiger T.J. Leon climbs the ladder in athletic department

Football Recruiting
PowerMizzou: Expert Breakdown: Zach Hudson

Volleyball Volleyball Season Preview Part Four - The Back Row

Music Monday

Since I've been immersed in Wimbledon for the Mothership over the last week, let's listen to a band that formed about 70 miles from Wimbledon...

As with most bands known for getting quiet and navel-gazey sometimes, I'm a much bigger fan of Radiohead when they just rock out and let Jonny Greenwood do Jonny Greenwood things.