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Mizzou Links, 7-11-13

Paul Myerberg talks Mizzou, Kimmie's Pistons career could be in trouble, hummus is awesome, and ... good news, everybody: Ryan Robertson doesn't hate us!

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1. Everybody shut up, Paul Myerberg's talking

USA Today: College football countdown | No. 58: Missouri

Missouri will reach a bowl game this year, next year and the years after that, since that's simply what Missouri does, barring injury. Last year was a fluke: Missouri suffered injuries nearly unparalleled in the FBS – maybe Maryland can share its pain – yet still came within one win of another postseason berth as a first-year member of the SEC. In a way, it's easy to view Missouri's trials and tribulations as a positive heading into 2013. Offensive line out of whack? Not anymore, thanks to last year's experience. Quarterback dilemmas? Nope, not if Franklin's shoulder behaves. Add in a potentially healthy Josey and you have the makings of a vastly improved offense.

Now, the defense is a concern. The Tigers are far weaker along the interior of the line and, as a result, questionable all along the front four. The linebacker corps has been retooled, even if the combination of Ruise, Wilson and Bonner presents an agile and athletic look. The secondary is experienced along the top level but untested in reserve – as is the case at defensive tackle and linebacker. More offensive production will help Missouri's defense trim some points off last year's average, but this is still a subpar group in the SEC.

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2. Uh oh, Kimmie

Detroit Bad Boys: NBA Orlando Summer League: Pistons at Thunder in pictures

English ... I get the feeling he's not going to be around much longer. Detroit has 16 players on the roster as of today, and the team has yet to exercise its option for the next year of Kim's contract. They have until Saturday to make that decision, and Orlando Summer League ends Friday. He's not doing himself any favors, as he's been horrible on the offensive end and could do nothing to slow down Reggie Jackson Tuesday.

I don't fault Kim for not stopping Jackson, however. The guy was red hot, and I don't think anyone could have stopped him. Even Drummond moved out to the perimeter to try and bother Jackson, but it was useless. So very unfortunately for Kim, every set of eyes in the gym today watched him as the key defender on the guy who set a new OSL scoring record.

I have a feeling Friday will be his last game in a Pistons uniform. I also get the sense that Orlando GM Rob Hennigan will be calling him on Saturday. (And this is a baseless assumption, just a gut feeling.)

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3. USA! USA! Former Tigers Set for World Cup of Softball on ESPN

4. "Mizzou, on the other hand..."

KC Star: Despite their history, former KU star Robertson has ‘zero hate’ for Mizzou

5. I very much enjoyed the juxtaposition...

....of the fight song with shots of big dudes pouring soil on the ground. That was fun.

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5. #TeamHummus


Serious Eats: Sauced: Extra-Smooth Hummus