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Mizzou Football 2013: Perusing the current Tiger depth chart

The Mizzou media guide lists the summer two-deep.

Bill Carter

The Mizzou media guide is not yet available at (I'm assuming it will be soon), but Dave Matter shared the projected depth chart today from SEC Media Days:


It's nice to see Culkin and McGovern breaking through into the first string. It's one thing to have what is reported to be a nice spring, but it's another to actually make the starting lineup. Meanwhile, we're in an odd situation where the two receivers I'm most excited about (DGB, Hunt) are on the second string. But the depth chart at WR couldn't possibly matter less, really; 5-7 guys are going to play, and both guys (DGB especially) will catch a lot of balls this year.

I understand that Murphy is better as a return man than a running back, but I'm still a bit surprised to see him on the third string. That could mean really good things about Hansbrough, I guess. Regardless, all three RBs will see carries.

(No, the quarterback race is not officially over yet.)

(Yes, Franklin is still probably going to win it.)

(And yes, that's probably just fine.)


While Culkin and McGovern both broke through onto the first string, defensive youngsters like Brothers, Gibson, and Johnson could not. Ruise and Ponder, seasoned old hands at this point, are still holding on to the starting spots ... for now. Same with White versus Simon at strong safety. If at least one of the four young second-teamers I just mentioned can break through into the starting lineup this August, I'll feel pretty good about the defense. (I always like seeing the youngsters surpassing the upperclassmen simply because we have a pretty good idea for the ceiling of the upperclassmen; the youngsters are still undefined.)