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Mizzou Links, 7-17-13

There are a few non-Media Days links to share, but how about we just wait on those until tomorrow ... ALL MEDIA DAYS LINKS BELOW.


1. Media Days wrap-ups

The Trib: SEC MEDIA DAYS: Notebook
PowerMizzou: Media Day Notebook
PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Change coming?
Mizzou Network: Mizzou Players at 2013 SEC Media Day
We Are Mizzou: 2013 SEC Media Day Photos SEC Media Days: Missouri, July 16, 2013
Team Speed Kills: SEC Media Days 2013: Missouri Hopes That a Healthier Season is a Happier Season in the SEC
Team Speed Kills: SEC Media Days 2013: Day 1 Photo Gallery
Mr. SEC: VIDEO: Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel
Mr. SEC: VIDEO: Missouri Quarterback James Franklin
Mr. SEC: VIDEO: Missouri Linebacker Andrew Wilson
Mr. SEC: VIDEO: Missouri Wide Receiver L’Damian Washington
John Clay: VIDEO: Missouri’s James Franklin on disappointing 2012
Saturday Blitz: SEC Media Days: Missouri Seeks Its Place In The SEC

I don't think we've talked enough about L'Damian's awesome suit or Wilson's awesome hair, but I guess the moment has passed.

2. Pinkel vs. heat

Mizzou Network: Mizzou Coach Pinkel at 2013 SEC Media Days Quick hits: Missouri coach Gary Pinkel at SEC Media Days
KC Star: Missouri’s Gary Pinkel has responded to pressure before
Post-Dispatch (Burwell): Pinkel is feeling the heat of SEC

Burwell, you had me until this:

Call it the SEC Effect, a 'what-have-you-done-for-me-lately' phenomenon that is quite the rage in this football-obsessed land far below the Mason-Dixon line. … But this urgent lack of patience and short memory of what Pinkel has accomplished is the first sign that Mizzou fans are heading in that maniacal direction.

Because if there's one thing Missouri fans were known for before the move to the SEC, it was patience. Yep. Patience. Pretty sure it's not just the fans with the short memory...

3. JFrankTank1 vs. the world

The Trib: SEC MEDIA DAYS: James Franklin serious about a more successful '13 for self, Missouri
Post-Dispatch: No funny business for Mizzou's Franklin
KC Star: Missouri QB James Franklin works to put injury-filled season behind him
KC Star: MU’s James Franklin clarifies answer about rude comments from fans
The Missourian: Missouri's Pinkel names Franklin starting quarterback at SEC Media Days
PowerMizzou: Reading the Signs
CBS Sports: Pinkel says Franklin enters fall camp as Mizzou's No. 1 QB Missouri's second chance at SEC might hinge on James Franklin's shot at redemption

Not sure this is going to help, James, but you be you.

4. #TeamNoInjuriesIn2013

KC Star: MU’s Pinkel plans less hitting in practice to keep players healthier
Post-Dispatch: SEC media days: Pinkel plans practice changes

5. Depth charting

Post-Dispatch: SEC media days: Tigers don't view DGB as backup
KC Star: Latest MU football depth chart: Josey to start at running back

6. Not sure about "pines," but okay...

Lawrence Journal-World: Mizzou’s Pinkel pines for return of Border War

7. Other items of interest

The Trib: SEC MEDIA DAYS: Slive's address full of NCAA questions SEC eyes relationships with about 10 or 11 bowls starting in 2014
Post-Dispatch: Slive urges NCAA to resolve player issues