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Sunday live thread: Henry Josey's a happy guy

And we're happy that Henry's happy.

Today's KC Star features a piece about Henry Josey and his rise back to the top of the Mizzou depth chart.

Since then, Josey has pushed himself through an arduous rehab process in hopes of becoming the player he once was. He entered spring practice third on the depth chart behind junior Marcus Murphy, one of the nation’s top return men, and sophomore Russell Hansbrough, who finished third on the team in rushing last season, but was still intent on earning his old job back. […]

Josey said the 4.4 time he ran in the 40-yard dash before spring practice — the last time he was tested — calmed any bubbling self-doubt about whether he had lost his trademark speed.

"I ran that and I was like ‘OK, I’m still fast,’ " Josey said. "I’m not worried about it anymore."

What are you up to this fine Sunday (besides reading that piece)? British Open in the morning and Gold Cup soccer in the afternoon?