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Mizzou Links, July 5, 2013

Working? Not working? Are your limbs intact?


Newlogo_mediumWoody Widenofer - Coaching Booth to Toll Booth

Former Missouri head coach enjoyed his time as a toll booth operator.

Newlogo_medium_mediumMissouri hopes Post can fill void in middle

Another late bloomer basketball for Mizzou - will he sleep in the locker room?

Newlogo_medium_medium_mediumTransfer Epidemic in Wrestling too?

Wrestling announces addition of two transfers.

Newlogo_medium_medium_medium_mediumForget the shake weight - make your own buter

Shake heavy cream into handmade butter with nothing but a jar.

Newlogo_medium_medium_medium_medium_mediumCould you pass the U.S. citizenship exam?

Well - could you?