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2013 Mizzou Walkthrough: Who snags the other spot at second-string end?

The top three on the defensive ends totem pole are pretty obvious. Who's No. 4? No. 5? And what do we make of these bigger youngsters?

Bill Carter

Brayden Burnett

#55 | 6'2, 245, Sr. | Southlake, TX

2010: 13 games, 4.5 tackles
2011: 12 games, 12.0 tackles, 4.0 TFL, 2.5 sacks, 1 FF, 1 QB hurry
2012: 12 games, 4.5 tackles

Bill C.: Brayden Burnett has been a strong special teams guy for a while now, and his 2011 stats were much, much better than I remembered. He was surpassed by Shane Ray last year, however, and now he has to hold off a rising junior to maintain his spot on the second string.

If there's a problem with Burnett, it's that he's not particularly great at any one thing. He isn't any bigger (or faster) than Shane Ray or Markus Golden, and while his motor seems fine, it's no better than Ray's or Michael Sam's. He has been a serviceable player who by all accounts enjoys Mizzou and will finish as a senior leader. It's just hard to say he'll see the field much. But if he can hold off Golden, he'll get some reps.

MizzouRugby: Burnett and Golden will be fighting for the fourth DE spot. Has experience from last year, hopefully that makes helps him to think less and play more.

The Beef: Ah, good ol’ Southlake, Texas. It will forever make me smile. It seems like Burnett has been someone around awhile (which is true) and also someone whose name is called from time to time. I agree with Rugby that he and Golden will be fighting for time, and while I appreciate Brayden's commitment to the team, I think it will end up being Golden who sees the time.

countrycal: When I think of depth I think of players like Burnett, who could play more than he does and not hurt you, but may not have have the skill set that says "you have to get me on the field somehow." You can’t have too many defensive ends on the bench who can step in at any given time and hold down the spot even if they may not make a lot of headlines.

Markus Golden

#33 | 6'3, 260, Jr. | St. Louis, MO

2012: 12 games, 8.0 tackles

Bill C.: Golden took a JUCO detour before arriving in Columbia as a redshirt sophomore linebacker last year. We never heard anything about any intention to move him to defensive end at first, but apparently he just kept putting on good weight, so the staff made the move. He is a pretty rare athlete -- he was a special teams star last year, always near the return man, but despite the speed that requires, he's also big enough to play end. Hell, he's even bigger than Michael Sam.

Golden will be the second-most experienced end on the roster next year; if he were to carve out a niche on the second string this year, that would only mean good things for the Tigers moving forward, even if it means less good things for Brayden Burnett.

MizzouRugby: Potential is there, let’s hope he can show it on the field, if he can beat out Burnett.

The Beef: I think Golden does beat out Burnett.  I think he is an impressive specimen and I am excited to see where he has landed on the chart (MUTigers has him at 260). I don't know how his skill and technique are, but I dont expect much beyond a bull-rushing monster out of my 2nd string DE.

countrycal: Golden may, indeed, get more playing time than Burnett, or even challenge Shane Ray for time. He’s got the size and tools and may well play his way into a better spot on the depth chart by the time Murray State rolls around.

Rickey Hatley

#95 | 6'4, 270, RSFr. | Atlanta, TX

The Beef: At 6’4, 270, Hatley has some impressive size. I don't know if DE is a stop-over on his way to DT in another year, but perhaps Hatley sees time when we need to go more of a jumbo package. Or maybe we just don't see him on the field this year.

countrycal: We definitely will see Hatley on the field (a lot, in my opinion). I just don’t know whether or not it will be this year. Like The Beef, I suspect he may be destined for an inside position if his strength grows with his weight. Nice to have someone like this in the wings.

Bill C.: It will be interesting to see what becomes of players like Hatley and the guy below him on this list in the future. We're used to guys bulking up, then moving to tackle once they reach about 280 or so. But the general SEC stereotype is that you need a bigger front four; if Hatley and/or Loud are quick enough to stick at end, that might be a good thing. But only if they're quick enough.

Marcus Loud

#35 | 6'4, 270, Fr. | Houston, TX

The Beef: Learning from Ealy is not a bad idea. Loud’s recruitment and path was a strange one, but I am glad he is here and supposedly there were some stories about him from the summer and others on the O-line having trouble blocking him. I don't expect him to play, but he is going to be important depth (especially with Sam graduating at the very least).

MizzouRugby: Get ready for 2014, and learn from Ealy.

countrycal: I agree with Rugby, good looking prospect but will probably sit this year unless he really tears it up in camp.

Charles Harris

#91 | 6'3, 235, Fr. | Kansas City, MO


The Beef: So I believe the story on Harris is that he comes from a crappy football program in KC and has not been playing football for that long, but is some sort of ridiculous athlete. I’d love to see him unleashed in about 2015 or so after learning the game for a couple of years.

Bill C.: Man oh man, would it be neat to see Harris thrive after the Internet freak-out that proceeded his out-of-nowhere signing last February.

countrycal: Remember Aldon Smith’s freshman year. Kid comes out of nowhere and becomes the talk of the camp, only to be redshirted on a technicality (if I remember correctly). I wouldn’t mind if Harris could follow that path.