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Mizzou Links, 8-13-13

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The passing game is coming and going, Aarion Penton and Eddie Printz are looking great, Duron Singleton is getting up to speed, and Devin Booker is visiting.

Eddie Printz looked goooooooood at Saturday's scrimmage.
Eddie Printz looked goooooooood at Saturday's scrimmage.
Bill Carter

1. Scrimmage reactions and ... DEPTH CHART CHANGES /AIRHORRRRRRRRRRN

Post-Dispatch: Scrimmage yields few depth changes
Post-Dispatch: Tigers assess first scrimmage

One area of frustration with Pinkel after Saturday’s scrimmage: the passing game wasn’t sharp enough. “The best throwing offenses I’ve been around play catch really well,” he said. “You don’t miss throws — I wouldn’t say you don’t miss them — but rarely will you get a guy open that you miss. And your receivers catch it consistently and also catch the tough ball. … Can you go up and get it? I think ability-wise we’re good enough to do it. But we’re not consistent enough. We’re better right now talent-wise than we are execution-wise. The good news is we can fix it. But there’s a real sense of urgency there.”

Pinkel said the Tigers were at a similar place in 2006, Chase Daniel’s first year as the starting quarterback. By 2007, his junior year and Heisman Trophy-runner up season, “all of a sudden it turned on,” Pinkel said, “the work ethic and everything else.”

The Trib: Scrimmage results in few depth changes
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Camp Notes: The "minor depth chart changes" edition
PowerMizzou: Ealy feeding off the energy
KC Star: Help wanted at cornerback after MU's first scrimmage

The good news for [John] Gibson is the Tigers have three weeks and two scrimmages remaining before their first game, which is plenty of time for a player to either prove himself or fall out of the running for playing time.

One player who will certainly need to take advantage of the remaining time is sophomore cornerback David Johnson, who fell from second to fourth on the depth chart.

When asked about the demotion, Ford said the staff was essentially sending a message to Johnson, up-and-comer who was named the team's most improved corner in the spring but is now listed behind Ponder, sophomore Ernest Payton and junior Xavier Smith for the starting spot opposite Gaines.

"Not good enough - simple as that," Ford said of Johnson’s performance on Saturday.

2. Practice Reports
Football Camp Report: Day 11

With the #1 offense going against the #2 defense in the final period, senior QB James Franklin led a precise march downfield for a touchdown, covering 60 yards in just four plays. First, he hit junior WR Bud Sasser on a pretty seam route for a gain of 30 yards. On the play, junior safety Daniel Easterly came over to lay a big hit on Sasser, but the receiver held onto the ball for the explosive play. Next, junior TB Henry Josey made a nice cutback run and gained about 17 yards before he was stopped. On the next snap, Franklin hit senior WR L'Damian Washington for nine yards to take the ball to the four-yardline, and Hansbrough scooted in from there for the score on the next play.

Prior to that, the #1 defense shut down the #2 offense in the same scenario. A big play got things started for the defense, as sophomore LB Kentrell Brothers got into the backfield for a quick touch sack of redshirt freshman QB Maty Mauk. Junior DT Matt Hoch was also there on the play. Mauk rebounded on the next snap to hit junior WR Jimmie Hunt for a gain of 10 yards to get back most of the sack yardage lost, but on 3rd down, senior CB Randy Ponder made a beautiful diving pass break up on the left sideline to deny a completion that likely would have gone for a first down.

PowerMizzou: Practice Notebook: August 12
PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Offense 8/12
PowerMizzou: Camp Photos: August 12

I did want to ask Pinkel about a couple of the guys that made moves. Here's what he had to say:

On Aarion Penton: "Yeah, he did some good things. He's a really good athlete, quick. He did some good things. We're gonna give him some more opportunities up there with the twos to see if he can get in the four-deep or be the fifth corner, nickel, dime. We have so many different personnel sets. But he did some really good things. Really, really good class. I'm real, real impressed with this class. It's exciting. He's one of them." [...]

Pinkel called the 2013 class very good and said decisions will have to be made soon on the freshmen.
"The next week, we'll have to make decisions kind of who we can get ready or not get ready," he said. "We'll see what happens."

We Are Mizzou
PHOTOS: 2013 Mizzou Football Camp

Mizzou Network
Fall Camp 2013: Day 12 Report

3. Hey, Duron

KC Star: Mizzou looks to open up its safety valve
The Missourian: Missouri football newcomers coming along
Post-Dispatch: Tigers hope to capitalize on healthy defense
The Trib: Camp Notes: Bringing Singleton up to speed

The 6-foot-1, 210-pound Singleton was fifth in the strong safety stretching line at the beginning of Monday's practice, but Grinch said not to read too much into the position as his safeties are cross-trained down the depth chart.

Once Singleton does get those full pads on and is up to speed, Grinch feels like he can be a special player.

"He’s a physical player," Grinch said. "If you evaluate him on high-school film, he will strike you, which is obviously a good quality. Pretty fluid in the hips, fairly good coverage skills. And again, it’s all based on turning him around to play. We’ve got to see as the competition level up and the athleticism cranks up, he’s got to show he can hold his own against it.

"Do we believe he can? Absolutely. But we haven’t seen it yet."

4. Sigh ... and yay!

Fox Sports MW: A curse on Mizzou WRs in the NFL? It kind of feels like it
Fox Sports MW: Pinkel's history indicates Mizzou will bounce back this fall

5. Shreveport, baby

Post-Dispatch: SEC unveils new bowl lineup, selection process for 2014
The Trib: SEC announces bowl lineup changes
The Missourian: Southeastern Conference announces new postseason bowl plans

6. Hey, Devin

ZagsBlog: Devin Booker Talks Top Five Schools

7. Hey, Coach

The Trib: On The Record: Wayne Kreklow Mizzou Volleyball to Host Meet-and-Greet at Columbia Mall

8. Senior leadership Diggs, Richardson Named Among Top Drawer's Top 100 Upperclassmen