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Mizzou's Greatest, #18: Chelsea Thomas

C’mon … of course Chelsea Thomas is #18 on our list. Did you really think she was going to end up anywhere else?

In continuing homage to the career of CT-18, here are the Top 18 Bullets of Accomplishment (trademark pending):

  • Chelsea finished with 1,174 strikeouts for her career, which is 281 ahead of #2 on the list (Teresa Wilson – 893). Cindy Tate is 10th all-time at Mizzou in strikeouts…with 344. 281 strikeouts is a pretty impressive amount in and of itself.
  • Chelsea finished with the most career wins at 111, which made her 80 games over .500. 80 wins would have put her fourth all-time.
  • All the categories Chelsea is currently third all-time in:

  • Appearances at 159
  • Innings pitched at 925
  • Complete games at 97
  • Shutouts at 46
  • Winning percentage at .782
  • Let’s use the next section to show all the different categories in which Chelsea appears multiple times on single-season lists:

  • Season Wins – three times. She had 24 in 2013 (t-10), 27 in 2012 (t-5) and 32 in 2011 (t-1)
  • Season Strikeouts – three times. She had 232 in 2013 (9th), 306 in 2012 (2nd) and 397 in 2011 (1st)
  • Season solo shutouts – twice. She had 12 in 2012 (t-9) and 13 in 2011 (t-6).
  • How about some awards?

  • Three-time First-team All-American
  • Three-time conference pitcher of the year (Big XII and SEC)
  • Five-time SEC pitcher of the week in one season (tied for most ever in one year)
  • Pitcher of the Week 15 times in her career (the award was given out 13 times this past year, so it is safe to infer Thomas was Pitcher of the Week roughly 25-30% of the time in her career)
  • Let’s finish with some other stats:

  • 11 no-hitters (which is more than the total amount of triples she gave up in her career, which was four)
  • She RETIRED almost 2,800 batters in her career
  • Almost 9 K’s per 7 innings pitched
  • She never balked
  • That this may be the final piece I ever pen on Chelsea Thomas is a strange thought which likely won't settle in until both Finucane and Stangel take the circle for the Tigers next season. But as we watch the Tigers continue to succeed and elevate as a program (including a new stadium in years to come), we should always keep in mind the enormous contribution Chelsea made through her hard work, perseverance through injuries and amazing talent.