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Mizzou football: What's your favorite under-the-radar game?

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Consider this your Sunday live thread.

Bill Carter

A thought exercise for a fine (hot) Sunday morning: What's your favorite Mizzou game if you eliminate the obvious recent candidates? So basically, what's at the top of the list if we exclude...

Mizzou 36, Oklahoma 27 (2010)
Mizzou 52, Nebraska 17 (2008)
Mizzou 38, Arkansas 7 (2007)
Mizzou 36, Kansas 28 (2007)
Mizzou 38, South Carolina 31 (2005)
Mizzou 41, Nebraska 24 (2003)
Mizzou 33, Illinois 20 (2002)
Mizzou 34, West Virginia 31 (1998)
The upsets from the 1970s
Et cetera

Here are some of mine:

Mizzou 42, Baylor 24 (1997). Justin Wyatt returns a fumble almost 100 in the snow, and Mizzou fans get to celebrate like they thought they were going to get to the week before against Nebraska.

Mizzou 62, Texas Tech (2003). For all the reasons described here.

Mizzou 38, Oklahoma State 31 (2005). Brad Smith got hurt, got back up, got hurt, got back up, and ripped off a long run in the fourth quarter to set up the winning score.

Mizzou 55, Colorado 10 (2007) and Mizzou 69, Nevada 17 (2008). The closest thing to offensive perfection that we might ever see from a Mizzou team (or any other).

Mizzou 41, Kansas 39 (2009). Sometimes a great game is great because it makes you feel good most of the way. And sometimes it's great because it makes you feel completely miserable for 59:50, and the ending makes it all worth it. This was one hell of a football game, the best of the Arrowhead series in terms of overall quality (and it came from two teams that combined to go 13-12).

Mizzou 30, Texas A&M 9 (2010). "Hmm, this team might actually be pretty damn good..."

Mizzou 41, North Carolina 24 (2011). "We're going to the SEC, and we're taking a damn good football team with us."