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Missouri basketball recruiting: 2015 guard Ronnie Suggs commits to Tigers

Another weekend, another commitment.


Ronnie Suggs, a 6'4 senior guard from Washington (MO), committed this weekend. He has already made plans to enroll in prep school next year and become part of Mizzou's 2015 recruiting class. Ronnie is the little brother of former Mizzou target Scott Suggs, who chose the Washington Huskies and is getting ready for his senior season after averaging 12 points per game as a junior.

Ronnie is still a bit of an unknown at this point. A two-star recruit when part of the class of 2014, he could raise his profile depending on which prep school he chooses. It's difficult to find much written about them, but while taking all high school highlight films with the appropriate grains of salt, he does seem to have a nice, well-rounded scoring skill set, with the length and physicality to drive and a pretty lefty jumper that has a touch of Kareem Rush's "swing the left leg forward" attributes. (OBVIOUS NOTE: I'm just comparing the characteristics, not the quality.) We'll see how he develops in the two years before he reports to Columbia, but he seems like a pretty nice player from what we know thus far.

While turnover is quite obviously expected, here's how the 2015-16 roster takes shape according to class thus far (because it's never too early...):

  • Seniors: Deuce Bello (SG), Ryan Rosburg (PF/C), Stefan Jankovic (PF), Zach Price (C)
  • Juniors: Wes Clark (PG), Shane Rector (PG), Johnathan Williams III (SF/PF), Torren Jones (PF)
  • Sophomores: Chris Sandifer (SG/SF), Jakeenan Gant (PF)
  • Freshman: Ronnie Suggs (SG)

If nobody leaves and nobody else (rhymes with Nevin Looker) is added to the 2014 class, that leaves Mizzou with two more scholarships to give in 2015. But obviously a lot can, and will, change between now and then.