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Saturday live thread

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Somebody's ready to party like a 2-year old...
Somebody's ready to party like a 2-year old...

Big day ahead: Before it's Season Opener Saturday, it's Rally Baby's Birthday. Time to party like a 2-year old. A heartfelt happy birthday to our little drama queen.

11:00 am CT
Buffalo at No. 2 Ohio State (ESPN2)
UMass at No. 23 Wisconsin (BTN)
Purdue at Cincinnati (ESPNU)
Villanova at Boston College (ESPN News)
William & Mary at West Virginia (FS1)
Southern Illinois at Illinois (BTN)

11:21 am CT
Toledo at No. 10 Florida (SEC)

12:00 pm CT
Rice at No. 7 Texas A&M (ESPN)

2:30 pm CT
Mississippi State vs. No. 13 Oklahoma State (ABC/ESPN2)
Syracuse vs. Penn State (ABC/ESPN2)
Temple at No. 14 Notre Dame (NBC)
Central Michigan at No. 17 Michigan (BTN)
BYU at Virginia (ESPNU)
Northern Illinois at Iowa (BTN)

3:00 pm CT
Nicholls State at No. 3 Oregon (FS1)

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