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2013 Mizzou Walkthrough: Printz and Hosick wait their turn

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The passer-who's-an-athlete and the athlete-who's-a-passer could make the 2014 quarterbacks race pretty interesting.

Bill Carter

Eddie Printz

#9 | 6'2, 215, Fr. | Marietta, GA

The Beef: I may not have much actual reason to be so, but I am a big fan of Printz. I think he has the more traditional background, and I think he will ultimately be the one who presses Mauk come next spring. We will see how it goes, but Printz won't see the field this year.

Bill C.: Printz has the rather unenviable task of being a direct competitor to a local boy. He doesn't seem to mind. He committed to Missouri despite the presence of Trent Hosick on the commitments list, and he quite obviously held his own this spring.

Obviously skill matters above all else, and if either Printz or Hosick is demonstrably better than the other, then that's that. But it will be difficult not to begin drawing conclusions about Josh Henson's style preferences when we track these two names on the depth chart. Printz is a passer who's a pretty good athlete; Hosick is an athlete who's a pretty good passer.

Here's what I said about Printz following the Black & Gold Game:

Eddie Printz, meanwhile, has the smoothest throwing motion on the team. One can tell that, while Hosick was maybe an athlete put at quarterback, Printz was raised a quarterback. He is certainly athletic enough, but he's meant for throwing the ball. He didn't get too many opportunities to impress on Saturday, but we saw what we needed of his throwing motion in warmups. On way play in the scrimmage, he escaped the pocket and, rolling left, attempted a difficult dump off to a running back (Tyler Hunt, I think) to his right. He couldn't quite finess it in, but it was really difficult.

Since that was my last impression of him, obviously my opinion hasn't changed much.

Trent Hosick

#11 | 6'1, 225, Fr. | Kansas City, MO

BillSelfsToupee: Dude beat Evan Boehm in the HWT state wrestling championships his Jr. year and Boehm’s Sr. year. He repeated the following year. All I have to say is Man Freaking Beast.

The Beef: I know there has been talk of Hosick eventually landing somewhere else on the roster, and that is terrible considering this young man has not taken a single class at Mizzou. However, that may be the way he sees the field down the road. No matter what position, he wont see the field this year.

MizzouRugby: Still love you for your Top Gun highlight video.

Bill C.: Alas, the audio was removed.

Still pretty damn impressive.

Here's what I said about Hosick in the spring:

Hosick impressed me a decent amount. He has a max-effort throwing motion -- when he throws hard, it looks like he's throwing hard -- but he made good decisions and moved the ball well in the "third string versus third string" portion of the scrimmage. (By the way, this game moved quickly. We'd have probably gotten more out of going to last weekend's scrimmage instead of this one, but the weather stunk.) He is big and athletic, as advertised, and one could easily see him becoming a strong game manager. His throwing motion isn't amazing, but it is more than good enough, and while it is certainly conceivable that he could end up at another position one day, don't assume it just yet. He can throw.

Hosick's athleticism is captivating. So is Printz's throwing motion. With these two joining a crowded quarterback race next spring, the odds are pretty good that, whoever wins the job, Mizzou is pretty set at QB in the post-Franklin era.