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2013 Mizzou Walkthrough: What's Bud Sasser's niche?

Bill Carter

Bud Sasser

#21 | 6'2, 210, Jr. | Denton, TX

2011: 5 targets, 3 catches (60%), 16 yards (3.2/target)

2012: 24 targets, 10 catches (42%), 216 yards (9.0/target), 1 TD

Bill C.: Bud Sasser is a confusing player. When he came to Mizzou, RPT wrote about his red zone prowess and his potential for cracking into the rotation as a physical, short-yardage option. He even spent a little bit of time in the tight end role on the depth chart, which added to that. But to the extent that he has carved out a niche in the Missouri offense, it's been as an intermediate threat. He caught an 85-yard bomb against Vanderbilt*, but even beyond that one play he still averaged 14.6 yards per catch (with a pretty awful 40 percent catch rate), which screams "all or nothing guy."

* That was one of the strangest plays you'll ever see. Both fans and Vandy defenders thought Berkstresser had overthrown a given receiver, but suddenly there was Sasser streaming down the sideline to catch the pass. Sasser JUST BARELY outran the stunned Vandy defenders to the end zone. One day I would love to give Corbin Berkstresser a truth serum to find out if he actually meant to throw to Sasser. He said at the time that he meant to. I remain skeptical. Regardless, it was almost enough to bail Mizzou out in what might have been the most frustrating game of the season. (Okay, there were a lot of "most frustrating games of the season" last year.)

So let's say that the best-case scenario unfolds for Mizzou in 2013. DGB becomes a true No. 1 guy. Marcus Lucas catches the physical 12-yarders as a strong No. 2. L'Damian Washington stretches the field. Jimmie Hunt carves up defenses with quick slants that go a long way. Where does Sasser fit in in this instance? He seems decent in every role and great in none, which means that he might basically fill in the gaps. And if (when) one of the four players above isn't doing what we hope they will in a best-case scenario, Sasser does it instead.

MIzzouRugby: Congratulations on the starting job! As one of the most surprising, explosive threats MU had last year (which might be a stretch considering he had only 10 catches last year), Sasser is yet another weapon at wideout that will help stretch defenses and open things up for everyone. Hopefully he will be able to be a shifty, possession receiver with greater speed than the already great one that he replaced in Moe.

The Beef: To be honest, this is the final page I have been working on, and I am running out of things to say about the folks. I like Bud’s name...and hey...good for him for being #1. Does he stay there through August? No idea really. Guess we get to watch and find out.

countrycal: Another under-the-radar receiver who, with Sasser, could turn an H-back type of role into a potent weapon if opposing teams concentrate too much on DGB, Lucas and Washington.