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Mizzou Links, 8-7-13, BST Style

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Bill C. is out of town, the mastheads are taking over, so lets talk sports and food!

Jamie Squire

1. Practice reports

Storms forced practices inside yesterday

This early in camp, coaches are generally hesitant to single out many individual players, but receivers coach Pat Washington has one player in mind who’s caught his eye: Darius White, the junior transfer from Texas, who sat out last season. “I’m going to mention one guy,” Washington said. “They’re all doing good things, but it’s night and day from the spring to now with Darius White. It’s night and day. He understands what to do. … I’m very, very, very impressed with Darius.”

Maty Mauk isn't about to give up on the #1 spot

“A couple of other people have mentioned James as a captain, but he should be the captain,” Mauk said. “He’s a role model, he’s what people should look up to. He always does what’s right on and off the field. He’s good at mentoring people and helping people do what they need to do. But I think it’s still open.”

Read more here:

More on Bonner and his desire to break out this season

Power Mizzou 8/6 coverage

Feel free to add more links as you all see fit and/or interesting during the morning/day.

2. Tailgating season is just around the corner

The proper way to start a charcoal fire

In that vein, the zen of charcoal

Wisconsin tailgate brat tub recipe

Southern Living's Mizzou tailgate menu

Sausage Poppers and Mini Corndogs

3. Whats that? You need drink ideas for the season as well?

The tailgate sipper, because bourbon

My favorite affordable straight bourbon

The wife loves these, Tequila Mojitos

Go to gameday brewsky