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Mizzou links, 8-8-13

The Puma Man is still in DC, so the masthead revolution continues

Just take a second to admire the flowing locks of Andrew Wilson
Just take a second to admire the flowing locks of Andrew Wilson

After yesterday's comment explosion, I figure today will naturally be calmer around here, kind of like a brief recovery run after a long race. Forget that! We need to double down today -- slacking can wait for tomorrow when Bill is back.

First, a bunch of football links with a little softball lagniappe:

QB battle is status quo after first week

MU Secondary Eager to Seal the Deal on Turnovers

Simmons Accepts Position with MU Softball Team

After setbacks in their new conference, Tigers hunting for success

Breaking News: Mizzou players enjoy playing video games

Storm Sends Tigers Indoors

Just call him Dorial

A new role for Green-Beckham?

Mizzou adusting to NCAA's targeting penalty

The kids enjoy a thing called throwback Thursday, so here's some tunes I played as a DJ back in the day:

Graham Parker

Los Lobos

John Hiatt

And some beer recommendations as you prepare for the weekend:

Kasteel Tripel - This is a delicious brew, but with an ABV of a 11, it will put you on your posterior if you aren't careful

Boulevard Long Strange Tripel - Great name, great beer, 9.2 ABV so care is warranted

Boulevard Saison Brett - Even better than Tank 7, which I find hard to believe myself

Duvel - A very tasty Belgian. Can you tell I like high gravity beers?