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Is Gary Pinkel making like Mizzou fans and getting off the hot seat before his caboose is cooked?

USC coach Lane Kiffin may be on the hot seat after another disappointing performance by his team. Coaches will up and leave for a new job for any old reason now-a-days. Did the events from Saturday's game vs. Toledo move him closer to leaving for better conditions, recruiting and fans? Let's look at the evidence:

Gary Pinkel at Toledo
Gary Pinkel at Toledo

Looks like Lane Kiffin might soon be out of a job. Mike Leach will do that to ya.

Kiffin and Pinkel share some similarities

Some are already advising him to do maintenance for a cross country trip:

Here "Mizzou" is obviously code for "Gary Pinkel"

Perhaps he's tired of criticism?

Feelin' Kinda Ornery - Rock M Nation
What I really want is for Pinkel to be less nice.

Or perhaps he's tired of empty stadiums and fair weather fans:

From a source on the scene:

The Rock "M" looks beautiful when uncluttered with fans

Could it be the weather?

From the air conditioned Luxury boxes:

The heat was overblown you say?

Saturday's game was the second-hottest game played in an SEC college town. Only Texas A&M fans dealt with hotter temperatures, as the daytime high reached 97 degrees Saturday when the Aggies hosted Sam Houston State.