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Mizzou 38, Toledo 23: Grading the offense (results)

Your offensive MVPs for the week: James Franklin (7.69), DGB (6.97), L'Damian Washington (6.96), Marcus Murphy (6.62), Levi Copelin (6.57).

Bill Carter

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 6.64 (last week: 7.27)


Couldn't find a way to get the running game going until the 4th qtr, not enough mid to deep range passes attempted... & too much burden put on Franklin to save the day with his legs

Didn't like the scripted "put Mauk in 2nd quarter no matter what" plan.


Good job getting the offense back on track

good play calling

Good play calling, my issue was with execution

He cool

He peaked with Kermit.

His play calling may have been hamstrung by our line play.

I can't decide if the second half adjustments were on Henson or Franklin, but they were an improvement.

I don't care what speed we go, if we execute and keep it balanced I'm pleased.

I felt like there were times his calls could have been improved, but I can't complain too muh about a nice offensive showing

I like the addition to more plays under center! attached tight ends too

I really like what I've seen from his offense through two games

I'm cool with Henson so far. I like seeing the offense try to run the ball more and throw down field more. I'm worried about the line play but at least they are all healthy.

loved the adjustment to go to the option, disliked the lack of vertical passes

Loved the way he called designed runs for Franklin when necessary (like the 4th down), but didn't over use it.

more room for improvement.

More touches for Dorial please

needs a little bit more vertical passing imo

Never gave up on the run and eventually, the heat and effort wore down the Rockets.

Nice adjustment to the speed option

No real complaints.

Not trying to establish and consitency at RB

Overall very pleased. However, our running game wasn't particularly effective, so why did he keep going to it?

Overall, I thought it was a pretty solid gameplan. Henson realized early on that it was going to be tough to establish the inside run, so he opted for more speed option and quick passing plays. Speaking of the speed option, I was happy to see him go back to it (without becoming reliant on it) after he saw how well it worked the first few times.

pretty bland, but adapted to take what the d was giving

Put DGB in motion. Running plays are too predictable (too many times and pattern)Let Franklin do his thing like he did in the second half. Let him loose.

Seemed like a good balance, glad we aren't forgetting to run the ball so far

should have ran outside more often, was obviously not working between the tackles early on

Still loved the playcalling. It helps to have weapons, but he is using them the right way.

stuck with the running game long enough to win the game

The option worked with Murphy in the first half the few times they ran it. Should have kept it up. Aside from Copelin's deep pass, which I don't think was intended, is Henson ever planning of going down the field?

throw it deep! Speed + Hight = deep routes

Two tight ends with play action.....mixing it up is a beautiful thing

What happened to the run game?

Worst pass defense we will probably see all year and I don't think we took advantage at all.

Would like to have seen more of a downhill running game we saw last week.

You scored the amount of points I guessed. I really only disliked one play you called all game honestly other than that I can't really complain. Wasn't the best outing but it could have been much worse.


James Franklin: 7.69 (last week: 7.73)
Maty Mauk: 3.55 (5.66)


As goes James Franklin, so goes Missouri

Franklin had a great day besides the one pick.

Franklin is looking good

Franklin looked good (except for that bad INT), Mauk looked terrible.

Franklin overcame a poor throw that led to an INT and didn't let it negatively impact the rest of his game. Won the game in the second half. Mauk looked lost.

Franklin put the offense on his shoulders and showed us what determination looks like when it seemed no one else was.

Franklin put the team on his back. Mauk was ummm..... interesting.

Franklin really good, Mauk not so

Franklin saved the day carrying the ball... and his throwing was slightly better than last year

Franklin saved the tigers with his legs this week

Franklin showed up in the second half, but needs to get down running plays. Where did that INT come from? Had to be bad communication on the route/play. Mauk didn't have a chance, OL caved.

Franklin was a beast! But, Tank! If you are reading this, stop leading with your shoulder!

Franklin was composed for most of the game..needs to run more on the Read/Option as Toledo jumped the RBs everytime

franklin: couple of miscues, but made the plays when needed... mauk: ugh

He did well to hold onto the ball since he didn't have any help form the line.

Hopefully we only see Mauk in 2 more games for this in game practice. I don't want to see possessions wasted on him in SEC games damit.

I think Mauk is good but my grade is for yesterday's play which wasn't very good.

I was among the loudest cheers and most vicious fist pumps when JF trucked that dude, but I was also the loudest *GASP* "SLIDE!" on every other run. Mauk was put in an impossible situation and it showed

James Franco is back!

James Franklin doesn't look like his 2011 self. He looks better, as he now appears to be a very good pocket passer when the offensive line gives him a chance. His running skills are exciting to watch but terrifying too. Can he possibly stay healthy if he runs as much as he did against Toledo? We need him to.

James had issues pulling the trigger, not sure if he has trust issues with the recivers or his arm

James looked sharp, decisive, and seemed to be quick with the decision to take off- however this could be a bad thing later in the year. Poor Mauk came in at a bad time and it only got worse.

James, keep doing what you're doing

James: Can't be perfect because of that INT but you played pretty well sir. When it came down to crunch time and we needed plays you made them and gave this team that extra spark when you knocked that player down on that rush to the 1 yard line at the 30 second mark of the 3rd. Maty: No hate at you but I hated when they put you in. You seemed to hold the ball to long but mostly I just didn't like the position you were put in. I don't wanna blame it all on you but alas your score isn't very good.

JF1 is a boss. Mauk still needs more time

Loved Tanklin's big hit -- Not so much Mauk's "fling it in the air before I get sacked"

Mauk does not look good back there

Mauk had no time to do anything back there, but didn't help himself, either. Franklin ran well and made some good throws, but also threw the pick. However, in my mind, he also saved a turnover by holding on to the ball on the sack inside of our own ten. That could've been a game changer.

Mauk killed the momentum when he came in. Thankfully, Franklin put the game on his shoulders and won.

Mauk ran into both sacks, which was concerning. I'm ok with just seeing Franklin take the rest of the snaps this year. He's been great thus far.

Mauk was only in for a few snaps, and it seemed like a majority of them ended in sacks thanks in large part to the play of the offensive line. Hard to get a read on him.

Mauk's series was so awkward

Other than the pick Franklin was vintage. Mauk was not impressive but he also suffered from two line breakdowns back to back. Need to out him in some more manageable positions and when the game is NOT so much up for grabs.

Put Mauk in when it is beneficial to him and Mizzou. Terrible series for him and O line gave him no help.

really strong game, ran when necessary late

Tanklin back. Ok now I see where Mauk lost the competition. Still think he has a great series soon.

Tanklin is Truckin


The only way Franklin could be better is if he didn't throw the INT. The only way Mauk could have been worse would have been to throw an INT.

the Tank is back.....Maty is not Chase

This was a very very impressive game from Franklin. His TD pass to DGB was perfectly thrown: the DB had gone over the top, so Franklin threw it high and behind DGB where he could box out the cornerback and make the catch. He also made excellent reads all day, ESPECIALLY on the speed option. He was decisive, and when he decided to tuck and run on a natural pass play, he committed to it. His classic Tanklin play midway through the 3rd quarter provided our team a spark, and really shifted the momentum in our favor. If he can build on this performance going forward, we can really go places this season.

This was vintage James Franklin. Made good throws, cool in the pocket, and made plays with his legs.

Watch the shoulder, James!

Why the need to get him in the game? He lost the job fair and square

Running Back

Marcus Murphy: 6.62 (last week: 6.47)
Henry Josey: 5.71 (7.88)
Russell Hansbrough: 5.57 (8.39)

Another solid game by the RBs, but nothing spectacular this time

Bring back the Split T!

decent job between the 3 of them... murphy was acting squirrelly on a few returns

Didn't think they got the ball enough

Dropoff from last week was to be expected

Hard to grade such little action

Hard to really give the RB much grief when the OL gave them no running room.

He was our most solid rb, but the mistakes he made in the return game cost him. I think he is feeling the pressure and trying to do too much.

Hot hand of the game: Marcus Murphy

Josey and Hansbrough were relatively quiet (despite two TDs for Josey), but Murph Derrty was very solid. This sounds a bit inconceivable, but he may have a gear that even Josey can't hit. It seems like Henson isn't afraid to play the hot hand, and against Toledo that was Murphy.

Josey did what he needed to- punching it into the endzone, Russell was quiet, and Murphy showed why he is on the team. That speed on the edge was awesome!

Josey gets lower marks than the others for vulturing his TDs, still gets a 7, love the running game so far

Josey had the 2 TDs but was mostly a non-factor. I only remember Hansbrough for maybe 4 carries. Murph came in as a change of pace and closed out the game.

Love Josey's carry-to-TD ratio. Why didn't Josh Henson just give him the ball 20 times? We'd have won by 50!

Made the best out of a difficult situation. Defense seemed intent on shutting the run game down.

Murphy looked the best this week, not sure who the #1 is.

Need more production out of this group to be successful in SEC play

Never Sleep on Murphy

No running room inside. Needed more bounces to outside. But backs can only run where they are told.

Not a whole lot of success outside of Murphy at RB

not alot there inside tackles

Not an amazing day but could have been worse day. Marcus you seemed a bit jumpy on the PR/KR and I fear it might lead to a mistake if you arn't careful. Otherwise an okay day

Not good

Not much running room, but broke through when it counted.

Not much to say about RB's, never could get going, not sure if reflection on RB's or OL

Not sure what else MM could do, he's doing great

Offensive line needs to block better. runs too predictable

Only Murphy stood out.

Our backs are fantastic.

Some solid work, but nothing great

Struggled to get going there for a while, which was disappointing, but they really had nowhere to run.

That was ugly early

The running backs did what was asked of them and got the job done. Their lack of production was not their fault.

There wasn't much room to run, but I expect these guys to make people miss and that wasn't happening. Where is the Hansbrough we saw last week?

Thought Murphy looked the best.

watching the run game was frustrating. That's all

Wide Receiver

L'Damian Washington: 6.97 (last week: 6.54)
Dorial Green-Beckham: 6.96 (7.28)
Levi Copelin: 6.57 (5.51)
Marcus Lucas: 6.15 (6.73)
Bud Sasser: 5.34 (5.61)
Jaleel Clark: 5.19 (6.79)
Jimmie Hunt: 5.12 (6.46)

Amazing catch by Levi

Another decent day from this group DGB and LWash had over 10 yards a catch and Lucas had 9 and would have been better if it hadn't been "juggled" (honestly I don't know if it really was or not). Copelin is showing potiental it might have been only one catch but it was a big catch at that

Besides for a couple of "drops" (caught balls that were bobbled on the way out of bounds) there isn't much to complain about here. DGB looks absolutely lethal on the 7-10 yard hitches, and made a very acrobatic catch for the TD.

Copelin had a nice highlight catch. Good game for L'Damian, Lucas, and DGB. I think DGB deserves some more looks from Franklin

Don't remember any blatant drops, routes were well run, Copelin with a helluva snag, DGB quietly doing what is asked, LDW and Lucas were steady and consistent.

Go away Bud Sasser

I gave 5s to most because I didn't even notice them.

I was very impressed with the WRs this game. They caught the passes they were supposed to, looked reliable. LDW made some tough catches to move the chains, DGB had a great TD catch.

I'll take that "disappointing" game from DGB every day of the week. Lucas had a couple of passes go through his hands. Copelin's diving catch was the highlight of the day for me.

it's clear lucas should not be a starter makes WAY to many errors

Levi Copelin is not Dorial Green-Beckham

Levi with an amazing catch, DGB doing DGB stuff

Look good

LW was great on the first few drives, but they quite going to him after that. DGB, well, I feel bad for the kid; they don't go to him much. Yes, he's blanketed, but if we're going to throw INTs out of the blue, might as well give him a chance to go up against a defender or two (I wanna see something big).

Mizzou needs to put the ball deep to DGB as much as possible to help spread out opposing defenses... And I agree with the ESPN announcers... Put DGB IN MOTION and vary his routes so that defenses don't know what to expect

Most get a 7 because I don't remember individual plays. DGB gets an 8 for the TD, Copelin gets an 8 for the 50 yarder, and Lucas gets a 6 for juggling the prettiest pass Franklin may have ever thrown.

Nice play by Copelin, otherwise solid game across the board

not a ton of explosiveness from this group yet

Our WR's are fantastic but I'd like to see DGB break more tackles or avoid defenders altogether and show us some Danario kind of plays. The guy is a venus fly trap. I am amazed at his ability to catch that ball so far.

Receivers needed to do a better job of finding soft spots in the zones. Especially when they were dropping 8 men in coverage.

Shocked when i looked at the boxscore and saw that mizzou only threw 25 times

So much depth

TDGB! Lucas was good, LDW was a little too quiet imo. No-one else stood out except for a great catch for Levi

that fade to dgb can be a really handy weapon

There should be at least 1 designed play a quarter where all they do is throw it deep to DGB and let him go up and get it.

Too short, the lot of them.

Washington was effective early other than that very average outing

Would like to see them take more advantage of height.

You have DGB, why don't you throw him 1-3 jump balls a game, seems to be wasting away on the outside

You know what we should try? Getting it into the hands of our playmaker DGB

Tight end

Sean Culkin: 5.20 (last week: 6.13)
Eric Waters: 4.65 (5.79)

A lot more blocking this week than last, if I am remembering correctly. Waters had a drop on the sideline.

Culkin is a good blocker. Waters needs to learn to catch the ball.

Didn't really notice them. Is that good, or bad?

Didn't see much from them. Waters bobbled catch looked more iffy to me that Lucas's but you still need to secure it. Didn't really see alot of these guys in the passing game again. Once again it could be something we just arn't showing much of yet.

Didn't see much of them

Do they play?

I guess these guys played.

I thought Waters caught that ball on the sideline, but since it was called incomplete, he gets a 5.


invisible in passing game

largely invisible

No complaints, they seem to be playing well.



not much from the TE position, but Waters did well conducting the band afterwards

Protection/blocking could be better, would like to see more from them, but can't complain when they're up against WR's.

Still don't recall Culkin's name getting called. Waters looked good despite bobbling a catch out of bounds.

They are a good idea.

Waters came over and conducted the Fight Song with Marching Mizzou after the game, so that was fun.

Waters drop keeps him from higher score

Waters dropped a pass on 3rd down that hit him in the hands.

Waters dropped a pass. other than that, non existent.

Waters was another bobbled ball culprit. Not a whole lot else from this position group.

What happened to using our TEs???

Where did our TEs go? Culkin seemed none-existent in the passing game, and Waters should have had that catch on the sideline.


Offensive Line

Evan Boehm: 5.95 (last week: 7.52)
Mitch Morse: 5.52 (7.13)
Connor McGovern: 5.46 (7.00)
Max Copeland: 5.37 (7.03)
Mitch Hall: 5.33 (N/A)
Justin Britt: 5.21 (7.21)

A little bit of a concern here. They aren't going to be great, but I just hope they can be average-above average.

Absolutely no push on the ground game, and allowed some sacks. Not their best moment.

After watching the Toledo game, I'm really worried about this O-Line when matched against an SEC D-Line.

Another didn't love your play and didn't hate your play day group. This is the same group that allowed James twenty million seconds on the pass play to Copelin but also had Maty get sacked twice on pass protection. On the running game you made pretty good holes on the Speed Option plays and some other running plays and other times you could get much push off. Just a really average day in alot of ways. I guess I am just looking for improvement.

Boehm was blown up a couple of times, Britt let a couple get away from him. This unit is good; they won't be dominant and will have some glitches but they should get the job done.

Copeland injury and heat certainly played a factor, but they looked out of sorts. Run blocking was bad and pocket collapsed far too often

Didn't pay attention enough to give grades on everyone

Fewer Bone Saws in 2013!

Got a little better late, but, for most of the game, they didn't protect well, even against four man rushes, and they got little to no push on running plays. This unit still needs a LOT of work.

I don't know enough about O-line interaction to rate them appropriately. I'm just happy if we don't see any problems

I don't pay close enough attention to them individually as the plays are going.

I felt they couldn't open up holes for the run game too well. Overall decent to solid performance when ignoring the horrible Mauk drive.

I think every Lineman got beat pretty badly on Saturday at somepoint. Boehm had some key blocks down field on a few running plays. Britt allowed a couple sacks on undersized OLBs, needs to speed up his footwork.

I'm giving everyone a 6. We should dominate a Toledo DL, and it seems like we played them pretty even.

mediocre play will not be enough vs SEC opponents


Meh. Gonna have to step it up boys

must be able to run the ball

Not a good day for the OL. They gave up pressure on 3 man rushes, and didn't get a good push at all up the middle on runs. Better turn this around before SEC play starts.

Not a good outing for the run push and way too much pressure on Franklin

Not a great game for these guys. They'll figure it out as the weeks go by

not excited about this group going forward

Odd d line scheme and defense made it hard to rate Britt had the only major one on one error

Run blocking was poor till the game was out of reach but not a horrible game from anyone stay healthy

Serviceable through two games, I'd really like to see this unit take a collective step forward

Some great pass protection, and some bad gaffes

Some struggles, but overall solid play

The line looked weak, allowing quick defensive penetration & what, 4 sacks? I especially feel sorry for Mauk, he got steamrolled TWICE on one series....

They did well. I hope the Montana Mad Man is ok.

This was by far the worst of the position groups on offense. Toledo's DL was in our backfield all day, and we didn't seem to be able to pick up any blitzes/stunts at all. Some of this may have had to do with how athletic Toledo's ends are, but the play of the line HAS to pick up or we are going to get torn to shreds. I will admit that the execution seemed to get better later in the game, which is probably due to our conditioning. Britt was especially bad. He got turned around multiple times.

too many breakdowns led to 3 and outs, finished strong

too many sacks (mostly qb's fault)... nice pass blocking and just steamrolled the d in the 4th q

Very disappointed in the play of the line over all. Britt got worked once noticeably, couple sacks given up, only managed to open gaps when the game was near the end. Boehm looked good with snaps and the right side seemed better than the left.

Was not happy seeing 3 beat 5 multiple times. we can't have that happen in SEC games...