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Mizzou Links, 9-12-13: Basketball, targeting, and bye week boredom

Pinkel talks about targeting and Harold Brantley, Alden talks money, Haith breaks ground, and Jon Bois breaks Peyton Manning.

Bye weeks are so BORRRRRRRRRRING...
Bye weeks are so BORRRRRRRRRRING...
Bill Carter

1. More on targeting

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Pinkel, Missouri adjust to Andrew Wilson's targeting suspension
Post-Dispatch: Pinkel still supports NCAA targeting rule

"It’s difficult when that player is coming down and … he’s up high and was coming down when Andrew hit him. It wasn’t malicious. Andrew would never want to hurt anybody. But we have to stay below the shoulder pads. That’s just the way it’s going  to be. They’re making a statement that this is a priority, the safety, the welfare, the well being of unprotected players. We’ve got to do something about it. I don’t like that he’s suspended, but I understand the rules and I certainly understand why we have them and we’re doing them for all the right reasons for college football."

There will be at least one more change in Mizzou's starting lineup: Harold Brantley has moved ahead of Lucas Vincent at defensive tackle and is slated to make his first career start at Indiana. The redshirt freshman, a late addition to Mizzou’s 2012 class, has six tackles and a tackle for loss through two games — the same as Vincent, whose tackle behind the line was a sack against Murray State.

"First of all, Lucas Vincent is playing well, too," Pinkel said. "I think it’s going to be one of those healthy situations where you’ve got two guys that are going to battle all the time and can move in and out of the starting position. So, they’re both going to play.

2. Bye week boredom

Let's Hang Out!
The Missourian: Veterans share 9/11 memories at Gary Pinkel's 'Heroes Hangout'

Paying Players
The Trib: MU athletic leaders favor paying players

Alden said he supports a stipend to all athletes, not just those who play in the revenue-generating sports of football and men's basketball.

"You ought to be doing it for soccer, just like you're doing it for football, just like you should do it with softball, just like you should do it with men's basketball," Alden said. "All your kids should benefit from that."

NCAA scandals often revolve around players receiving impermissible benefits. Manziel, for example, was alleged to have signed thousands of items of memorabilia for autograph dealers, presumably for financial gain, although the NCAA could not prove that. To what degree paying players would reduce cheating in college athletics is questionable, Alden said.

"I don't know if it will ultimately solve that. But I know one thing for sure, unless you do something, you have no leg to stand on when you're turning around telling a student-athlete you can't do this when at the same time we're not prepared to be able to help them at all, to be able to counteract that," he said. "So is it going to stop it? No, I don't think so.

KBIA Sports: Fair is fair — Pinkel’s call to pay players should extend to all

KC Star: Grooming Mauk makes perfect sense at MU

Last Week
PowerMizzou: A Closer Look: Toledo

Next Year
PowerMizzou: 2014 Look Ahead: Defense
PowerMizzou: Perry likes three

PowerMizzou: 2013 Tiger Mailbag: 17th Edition

NFL #MizzouMade: Tigers in the NFL - Week 1

Faking It
The Trib: TAKE TWO: Football fakers need better pretend ailments

3. Let's check in on basketball

Breaking Ground Photo Gallery: Frank Haith Returns To Elon

Jackets Men's Basketball Enjoys Letter Jacket Ceremony

Hawaii Mizzou Basketball Announces Sprint Center Game Time vs. Hawaii

Mark Phelps
Mizzou Network: Mizzou Mic'd Up: Asst. Basketball Coach Mark Phelps - YouTube

4. Lindsey

The Maneater: Now a coach, Lindsey Hunter sees even more success

5. Division IV, etc.

Frank the Tank: Mailbag: Part I – I’m Not in the Realignment Business. I’m in the Empire Business

6. These always make me laugh to tears (and make me feel silly for laughing to tears)

SB Nation (Jon Bois): Breaking Madden: Peyton Manning and his offensive line of 160-pound twig-people

And by the way, it's not Music Monday, but Janelle Monae's new album is really, really enjoyable. Get it.